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Fake German Steel helmets

Article about: I'm seeing crappy decals and incorrect liners, but no fake shells...other than the whacky Jugo "SS"....

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    It's ok. I'm just trying to light my point of wiew that there's fundamental difference between repros and real "fake" helmets. Doesn't really matter where this helmet came from I'm talking in general. I happen to know this helmet's close history, that's all.

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    Oh mein Gott... it is sure to be seen

    ORIGINAL Ceremonial German Helmet - GREAT CONDITION! -LOOK! | eBay

    ORIGINAL Ceremonial German Helmet - GREAT CONDITION! -LOOK!
    Fake German Steel helmets

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    HELLS BELLS , what next, the seller claims to have 100% feedback, he might have, but his mates a real wally ,if he exists, which i doubt very much. These people really are the limit , i just hope that some poor fool doesnt get fleeced by this joker, someone should really report this as an attempt at fraud

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    The problem is that it's impossible to prove it, I mean the intentional fraud. My personal opinion is that prices count nothing. Sellers can well overprice anything witout real consequeences. Besides price is "realistic" if you can find somebody who pays it for you. Buying expensive items (militaria) is optional. If you want to buy something you learn about the item, gather information and basic knowledge first before paying a pence on it. I think this is elemental.
    Report anything on ebay??! Impossible...
    They are idiots with idiot policy especially with ww2 german stuff. According to them any german item is "hateful and discriminatory" which should be removed without the slightest hesitation to protect the mankind and the great democracies of the modern world...

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    In that case why have'nt they removed this one, it clearly shows the SS runes, which i understood is forbidden on E-bay, but it seems to me that the administrators pick and choose what is removed or not, so in effect they help to perpetrate these sales of bad items

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    I used to use eBay a lot, but not any more. Occasionally a gem turns up (and when it does so many new games begin....) but it's tiresome wading through the sewage.

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    if you notice
    the rules for this kind of thing only aply to then UK
    we canot sell a bayonet here ,,but an american can,we cannot sell any part of a fire arm but americans can,if we sell a fake ,as if it was real we get baned but an american can wee canot show any nazi markings but an american can?????
    E BAY have an ass system
    why is it us brits are screwed every time

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    Do I detect a hint of bitterness in your post...

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    Can you give me the link of that Hungarian site, where you saw my helmet ?!

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