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Found two helmets at an antique store near me and I need an informed opinion

Article about: Ludicrously over priced. Apparently, the owner thinks that he has 2 treasures and will, doubtless, refuse to come down very much in price...A common problem with these "antique dealers&

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    Default Found two helmets at an antique store near me and I need an informed opinion

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Name:	IMG_20140227_162955.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20140227_163006.jpg 
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    Thanks guys

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    Quote by Boerne View Post
    Real expensive!

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    Take $400 off the police helmet and $350 off the Luftschutz helmet to get there real value.

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    I definitely knew that they were grossly over-priced, he had some other items that I was interested in that are priced within reality but I don't feel safe buying the smaller ticket items if his highest priced items are replicas.

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    Hi , they both appear to be period pieces with good original decals , but they are way to expensive as the guys have said. The police helmet is nice but needs several $$ reduction and the Luftschutz has been de-Nazified so that now holds a much lower value. Leon.
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    justt think one day they will be worth that

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    if these helmet have been sitting there for a while. because of the price. somtimes if you offer cash at the price you are willing to pay, this might work. or if you wait a few more months and go back, and there still there put a offer in. some store holders like to keep items moveing. this has worked for me. but it may not work.

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    $190 for a Polizei helmet Morris? Do tell where you can find them for that
    price locally.


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    Brett my friend i buy nothing from Australia anymore.

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    Nor do I Morris, & I don't see helmets in this condition at around the $200 mark
    on any overseas dealer sites that I happen to look at.


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