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French flee market M42, new collector.

Article about: Hello all, I'm new here. I was browsing the local flee market here in my temporary home of Dijon, France when I came across this helmet. I inquired, and the two ladies selling it wanted 120

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    ET maker?

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    Circuit advertisement French flee market M42, new collector.
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    ET stands for Eisenhuttenwerke, Thale. The E stands for Eisenhuttenwerke, the company who produced the helmet. and T stands for Thale, Germany, where this helmet was produced

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    Quote by JoelFurrer View Post
    Wow thanks for the quick response. So what are my options here, it is possible to take off the fake decals without damaging the Norwegians underneath?
    As you already know, a genuine M42 Norwegian re-issue. Personally I would try and "steam off" the fake decals. They look cheap and nasty enough to hold little resistance, but if that fails I would leave them alone. Scrapping will ruin the remaining decal. Leon.
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    So as far as steaming them off, are we just talking holding it over a pot of boiling water and rubbing when it starts to peel?

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    I was able to steam off the fake decals, it took up a little bit of the Norwegians, but was generally successful.

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    Quote by timothy View Post
    Somewhere or maybe here was posted some good information on the Norweign reworks they were repainted by the Norweigns that light green as yours shows, redecaled, and the liners were dyed brick red such as your example that is one of the main indicators of Norweign use I have owned several of them in the past but unfortunately didn't keep any. Most all of the ones I owned had the original german liners still in them just dyed and I had one that had a original chinstrap (German) most do not as that piece was replaced also. Yours is a decaled example and I only owned one out of about six that had Norweign decals you could buy these in the late 70's here in the states for a whole twenty five dollars later on they began to repaint and redecal them and sell them as German WW2 (restored) places like Unique Imports in Virginia had adds for them all the time. timothy
    My Dad bought me an reworked Norweign M35 DD from Unique Imports back in the late 70's. I remember seeing the ad in the back of a magazine as a kid and begged him to get it for me. Still in my collection and would never consider selling it.

    Thanks for the reminder Timothy. Forgot the name of the firm until you mentioned also came with free clear bullet "hole" decals that you could put on your car window...unfortunately I wasn't allowed to put them on the car

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Those were the good old days MAP often the names of the old places come to mind like Unique Imports, Old Globe militaria, Fox hole (Before it was Manions when it first opened up by Ron Manion) House of swords KCKS was another one gone forever I guess some may still be operating under different names prices and items will never be the same. timothy

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