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Garde Kp 5 Camo Twins

Article about: Hey guys, got in a few new helmets over the past couple of months and have some time today to post one or two. Here is an old one and a new one, with many grateful thanks to the seller. It i

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    Two more great helmets Doug, I think you are right in thinking that these are both painted by the same hand, there are a lot of similarities in style. Leon.
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    Nice looking helmets Doug!

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    Very nice Doug, and I also agree with your 'same hand'
    theory as well. Congrats on this pair of reunited
    twins......... !


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    These WW 1 camo helmets are just neat. This matching pair is extra special. I am sort of glad these are "under appreciated" since a WW2 camo is at least twice as much. I will own a lot more of these in my life time I hope!

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    Oh boy Doug, those are simply amazing!
    It is incredible (at least to me) that you have managed to get this pair
    I take my hat off to you mate.


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    Very good Doug, you have at least a couple of camo pairs like this now I think?

    It struck me to see Eric's reply here from recent days.

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    great Doug !!

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    Very good Doug, you have at least a couple of camo pairs like this now I think?

    It struck me to see Eric's reply here from recent days.
    Yes on both counts.

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    Like I said in the reply, atypically was painted for Gardekorps but other units did paint Kompanie numbers on the back side on occasion. If yours is a Garde it will certainly have the Hohenzollern Crest painted as these did. I would love to see it when it comes in, WW1 camo's are very special indeed and I feel very under appreciated.
    Nice helmets Doug but a definitive study as yet to be published. Prior to Baer the numbers were referred to as [possibly company] another point your more likely to see a soldier of Garde wearing a helmet without the Hohenzollen shield indeed if it has with no number at all. Its further complicated with the advent of camouflage where the shield was painted over. The only given appears to be those with a Sütterlin 'L', furthermore numbers were written white, black or red,,?? and what of other company numbers we've never seen?
    Why not abteilung or regiment to me its more plausible so far if one checks divisional histories the numbers are from the early '18 training of shock troop Garde grenadiers etc troops trained in specific tasks easily identified then withdrawn, simple company seems menial and pointless other first rate regiments didn't do it there was a more important reason.

    ps if you still think the same dude painted em you need specs imo LOL!

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    Hi Eric

    If it was regimental or battalion numbers then the numbering would not be so high would it not? My understanding is this was thought to be company numbering. Certainly Garde units did not always have the Hohenzollern crest but obviously when seen with the crest it will be a Garde unit.

    As well I did not say the same "hand" I said same "Hands" as in look at the photo I posted. I already explained this in another forum but I see you like to be repetitive or you did not read my post thoroughly on GHW2. I dont need specs, I have the helmets in hand, and am quite capable of making that judgement call than relying 2D flash photos.

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