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german helmet

Article about: yep your right its the outer liner bands i think i confused myself and everyone else sorry for the confusion guys

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    Default german helmet

    hi guys was asked to put some pictures of this helmet on here that i brought recentley brought,the guy said that he took it off the soldier along with his belt (i have aswell) when he took the soldier p.o.w
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture german helmet   german helmet  

    german helmet   german helmet  

    german helmet   german helmet  

    german helmet  

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    Default Re: german helmet

    I'd say it's a good, authentic heer (german army) helmet. It appears to be an M40 (the vents are stamped into the metal and not a separate piece). The vet you obtained it from must have neglected it after the war... hence the rust.

    The liner is marked with the soldier's rank and last name... Gross?

    09996 may be a feldpost number! If so, you can tell what unit the soldier served in and where he saw action.

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    Default Re: german helmet

    The helmet was made by Quist and is a size 64. Lot number is: 992?

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    Default Re: german helmet

    There appears to be another inner type liner under the leather, can you say what it is and whats it made of

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    Default Re: german helmet

    great pick up, looks like a good Quist heer, Although i would love to see a better shot of that decal in natural light , if thats possible.

    regards Paul

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    Default Re: german helmet

    FPN 09996:

    (1.2.1941-11.7.1941) 2. Kompanie Fla-Bataillon 612,
    (1.8.1943-23.3.1944) 6.8.1943 gestrichen, (Tunis),
    (7.11.1944-Kriegsende) 29.11.1944 Stab I, Versorgungs-Zug u. 1.-4. Kompanie
    Grenadier-Regiment 585,
    (7.11.1944-Kriegsende) 19.3.1945 gestrichen.

    My guess is that it was picked up in Tunis. A very nice helmet.

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    Default Re: german helmet

    wow thanks for the information on the helmet i think i gotb a real bargin there,,does anyone know if u can find out the name of who the helmet belonged to??

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    Default Re: german helmet

    It appears that the name is written above the feldpost number along with the soldier's rank. I am not up to snuff with German rank abbreviations and German script, but the name of the soldier appears to be Gross or Grott.

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    Default Re: german helmet

    Is that not an M35? could just be the pic, but it looks like a riveted air vent, IMHO. Cool helmet for sure!

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    Default Re: german helmet

    there is another layer behinde the liner it looks like a couple of layers of metal ive tried taking the liner out to see what it is but im worried i wont be able to get it back in!! lol

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