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German Helmet Dealer, Helmets of

Article about: by davejb Are you able to tell what the white marks are on the interior paint, it looks like primer to me as its under the top paint I was wondering the same thing. I thought the marks were

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    Default Re: German Helmet Dealer, Helmets of

    I've read through this post and the seller really puzzles me. Why sell on ebay under multiple names? Why be happy with a fraction of the value of your item? I don't get it. The helmet link on the site does not appear to be a camo helmet - rather it appears to be a brush painted reissue. Am I wrong about that? NH

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    Sounds like something Nowak would do, especially as his name is banded about so often, it might be having an effect on business, shame really

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    Then your scammer alert senses should be screaming out by now. Doesn't like internet forums, won't deal with members of such forums, using multiple usernames.......

    What is that telling you?

    Plenty of reputable dealers and collectors out there that sell helmets. Why chase the rainbow in the hope of a bargain and risk getting shafted?

    Better to pay a little more and actually get a helmet than donate your money to a stranger.

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    I agree with most of what you guys are saying, but I feel compelled to say something that is a little contrary. The dealer's frustration with forums is somewhat justified in my opinion. Sometimes, albeit rarely, original helmets are posted on forums and deemed fake by one person. After they are called fake by that individual, rather a teenager or an veteran collector we don't always know, everybody else follows suit, like a subconscious domino affect, concluding with the said helmet being completely written off. Granted this happens extremely rarely, but the fact is, that is does indeed occur. This thread, I know some of you, myself included, often criticize other forums for doing the same thing. The point is, I understand where he is coming from on his distrust of forums. At the same time I agree with what Adrian said in post 34. Forums are extremely helpful and we should all be grateful for their role in advancing the hobby we all love.

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    So has anyone dealt with this guy yet? Great prices, but my spiddy sense is tingling.

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    I have dealt with him and found him excellent for what I purchased. An honest auction describing a refinished Q64 M42 with original liner. Rivets and paint redone, not bad at all. Cost me $230US on offer down from $250US. Very fair price, easy to deal with. The wire is fully hand constructed by myself. Not a bad collection filler. Have not aged anything too heavily, obvious "Fake". Good seller in my experience

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    Yes I can certainly see why some of you are dubious. Spotted a helmet on his site that sold recently claiming that six reverse twist chicken wire with clearly freshly cut ends is only found during WWII...... Hmmm

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    The dealer's name is Jesse and not Pawel Novak. He's from QC and he's an honest guy. I bought helmets from him and they were the real deal. Yes he sells refurbs but he always mentions that.
    He's kinda right not wanting to deal with people that are on these WWII forums because a lot of them think they know it all and are quick to judge!

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    Hi Pumawerk,

    Yes I agree there can be a rather dry and snobby attitude within any forum. Certainly my experience with my dealings with Jesse were nothing but positive, that M42 I purchased from him is one of my favourite helmets. A Q M42 helmet in any state is a special thing. Your defense of his character is most valid!

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    Seeing how there is this sudden unannounced love fest for your buddy Jesse I'll make it known he plagiarized my SS decal section verbatim from this "snobby" forum full of know it alls and has posted more than 1 fake helmet for sale.

    I suppose his plagiarism of my work would be an admission that he does not know it all but put himself in a position to take credit for work that was not his. So, if he gets his knowledge from here, I suppose that would mean on top of being an idiot he is a hypocrite.

    There isn't a dealer alive who is perfect, but if you fellows would rather be in bed with a dealer whose aim is to profit from you than collectors who might, just might, know more about their specific genre of collecting than a dealer, then feel free to take your leave of this know it all snobby forum.

    As for not wanting to deal with know it all people from forums, shared knowledge goes a long way to exposing fakes. Dealers like Jesse would rather have you ignorant and stupid so he can feed you crap all day long, using his knowledge base.

    In closing I hope you haven't bought any pristine double decal SS helmets from him.

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