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German Helmet Dealer, Helmets of

Article about: by davejb Are you able to tell what the white marks are on the interior paint, it looks like primer to me as its under the top paint I was wondering the same thing. I thought the marks were

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    Saddens me to hear your work has been plagiarized. There are always two sides to these things. I completely agree the forum is an invaluable source of information and not knocking at all. We will never all agree all the time and that quite frankly would be dull boring to say the least. I'm not "in bed" with anybody, only too aware dealers are human beings. Buyer be very aware. All I can say is that I got a good deal from him in answer to the original question and yes my eyebrows were raised occasionally while looking through the site. Probably doesn't make him all bad either, just lazy pinching your ideas...not good.

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    Quote by NZEF2 View Post
    Hi Pumawerk,

    Yes I agree there can be a rather dry and snobby attitude within any forum. Certainly my experience with my dealings with Jesse were nothing but positive, that M42 I purchased from him is one of my favourite helmets. A Q M42 helmet in any state is a special thing. Your defense of his character is most valid!
    A bane to the hobby at least for new collectors , go and praise him somewhere else.
    He's a scam artist and a bullshitter in the purest sense.
    Wait you probably are the guy... lol

    And you guys that call other collectors snobs because we don't like your shitty post war reworks , restored Chinese fakes and what not.
    Learn to read : This part of the forum (Original helmets) is not for YOU so go **** somewhere else.

    And you would know who's a 15 year old boy having fun with you and who's a true collector if you would actually participate on the forum.

    Some of you moved from WAF to here recently ? I had to be blunt there as well when a guy posted a book case full of Chinese fakes and wanted applause for it.

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    Humble apologies, no offense was ever intended. Time to cool this off a little.

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    Having someone steal your work would get me very annoyed too. Disgraceful.

    Selling repaints and restoration is not what this forum is about.

    This is someone who needs to be avoided.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Stealing someone else's academic work and posting it implying it is your own is very low IMHO and as I have also been a victim of this can only sympathise with Doug on this.

    As regards to dealers who sell pimped helmets, I wonder how clearly they mark their reworks as many new collectors might not notice, especially ebay sellers who list items as WWII etc and only in small print if at all mention that they have been messed with.

    Any seller who warns online forum members to not bid is someone to be avoided as they obviously don't want their offerings critically examined and only want the uneducated to buy from them their dubious offerings. Sure sometimes the wrong opinion is posted, but in all cases that I am aware of the truth is found out sooner or later, Just remember, choose whose opinions to listen too, but mostly make up your own mind and if you cannot do that, then think long and hard about what you chose to collect because if you can't tell good from bad you will always be at the mercy of others opinions and are likely to get ripped off on a regular basis.

    I did delete this thread but as it has arisen I have posted my opinions on it, but I am closing it down.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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