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German Helmet Depot

Article about: Has anyone ever dealt with "German Helmet Depot"? Thanks, William

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    Quote by visor View Post
    I never said anything bad about the site. I avoid it because of the repros. If I see repros being sold, I would rather not deal with the site. He could be the greatest guy in the world, but I hate repros.

    Sorry for the delay in responding, but my cronhs disease has been acting up.
    If you like the site and the stuff offered ,go for it. If the fellow members say he is a good dealer, then I have no doubt he is.

    So once again, no hatred towards the site, other than repros.
    A members personal preference pretty much what I assumed a few hours ago thanks for explaining sorry about your health issues.


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    Sorry for not expanding on my answer. It was a quick in general reply. When I get ill I tend to do things quickly, plus there is so much good stuff on the forum to look at......and so little time.

    Rookie mistake on my part.

    Thanks for the concern on my health Eric, been fighting for over twenty years.......but collecting keeps me alive.

    Also I might add that this dealer in particular has some great prices. If I wasn't such a freak about repros, I would snatch some of those lids very quickly.

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    I just really enjoy reading all of your replies. All of you have a wealth of knowledge that I find very interesting. I also appreciate how respectful all are to each other. Visor, I know several people with that health issue and it is so challenging.

    Reading all your replies I think I better ask my wife if I can get that M35 DD Luftwaffe. Wish me well.

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    I was just looking at the M35 DD Luftwaffe on German Helmet Depot again and have another question. It says the helmet was overpainted with a sand textured paint, were the decals put on over the sand textured paint? Or were the decals put on the original paint and painted around? In which case why is the eagle decal pealing off with the sand textured paint? Am I over thinking this?

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    I have only looked at it on my phone and the pics are not that great so I can't tell for sure. The tricolor looked to be on top of the rough paint. I'll had a look when I get home.

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    Decals have been on from day one imo question for 'unterstand Doug' & Co maybe lol!. I've always liked these lids with that used look, great worn liner any dealer worth his salt should be able to answer any queries you may have.


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    Here ya go chum to make sure we are all talking about the same helm.German Helmet DepotGerman Helmet Depot

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    Still looking on my phone but it certainly appears that the decals were applied over the rough paint. I see signs on the tri color side of possibly the original tricolor beneath. Hard to tell but I suspect there may be a bird underneath. I think the liner belongs in it. I would like to see some pics of the inside of the pins though. Nice helmet for the price.

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    No need to apologize, it's nice to know if you've had trouble there or other issues. Glad to know it's just personal preference. Take care

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    Looks like it's been reissued and there's decals over decals judging by the crazing around the circumference of the decals. I've a Heer reissue M35 same thing. I'd ask Rich to clarify as he has it in hand.

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