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German helmet markings

Article about: Yeah , got mine at WAR AND PEACE show few yrs ago, and ive done the same thing, many different paint jobs just for fun, now its SD SS, but with a handmade camo cover

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    Default German helmet markings

    I was shopping around online when i found a neat looking helmet (too expensive for me) and noticed that it did not have Stamp marks on the helmet (2 letters and two numbers). So my question is, do fake ww2 German helmets have this mark (two letters 2 numbers)on the helmets or do they not put them on?

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    Default Re: German helmet markings

    First off do you have a link so we can see it, some helmets were marked lightly and then covered by the paint but there should be some markings albeit faint,what kind of helmet was it, M35, M40, M42, M38 ETC, most of the replica helmets reproduced for reenacting etc will not show the usual marks but those intended to deceive are getting better and marks are being added

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    Default Re: German helmet markings

    Im sorry, I've looked through too many sites to find the helmet but I remember it was marked ET67.

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    Default Re: German helmet markings

    I dont understand, you said it wasnt marked, i cant see the reason for your thread

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    Default Re: German helmet markings

    Besides there wasnt a size 67 in production as far as im aware

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    Default Re: German helmet markings

    Some repro helmets are marked like real ones, though some are marked with additional stamps to show it is a repro. I have one repro shell that is marked correctly, but also has am edelweiss stamped next to the numbers to show its a repro........unless it a real shell for mountain troops!!!! No not really, it is marked in such a way as to show is a repro

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    Default Re: German helmet markings

    Sorry I think I worded my original post wrong, the main thing I wanted to know is if fake helmets have maker marks.

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    Default Re: German helmet markings

    The answer is yes but the one you saw is marked wrong, how much was being asked

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    Default Re: German helmet markings

    qotd, yeah ive got one of those as well, its not a bad little motif, shame the real ones didnt have something like that

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    Default Re: German helmet markings

    Yeh Dave it's quite a neat and attractive's a honest attempt by the manufacturers not to defraud. I got mine. Couple years back from a site in Germany. I actually just wanted to have a helmet that I could wear once in a while and muck around with. It has had many paint schemes, and worn by many at a few drunken parties!!!!! It's not s bad repro, looks right, but obviously to an expert it's n out and out repro.

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