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German Helmet Question

Article about: Hi, Came across this article about a veteran and there was a picture of him with a German Helmet. Can you tell me what model of helmet this is? Please note I do not own the picture. Original

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    Might be an error on the paper's part-does happen especially with stuff they don't know anything about.

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    Good point, but that still doesnt really explain the helmet pictured beside him, someone must have put it there.



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    Yes,,,someone did put it there,but WHO?...only the SHADOW KNOWS,,,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    Default Re: German Helmet Question need be careful.....there is no unwritten rule here that all veterans are honest! God knows they aren't! He might have picked this up in the 60's or who knows and then claimed he took it off some dead German....stories, stories....that's all they are.....Never give stories 100% credibility!

    PS....what an UGLY looking helmet!

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    Somewhere in Southern France, some day a guy enters in an old french café and takes a beer at the bar. After a while, among the bottles displayed on the wall, he sees a camouflaged helmet with chicken wire placed on a shelf. The guy asks the bar tender about the helmet

    - The helmet ? Ohhhh i know since i was born, my father took from a german soldier when the region was's on the shelf since the end of the war.

    After a few talks, the guy has the helmet in hands, camouflaged, chicken wire and a runic decal under some dirt.....the guy just found the Grail for any helmet collector.
    To make along story sort.
    The guy :
    - I'm doing photos of these kind of helmet, could i borrow it for two weeks and i'll take it back to you.

    As the bar tender had not the slightest idea that such an helmet was very rare and very very expensive...he agreed.

    Two weeks later, the guy brought back the helmet that was put on the shelf again....if the story is known that's because someone had an occasion to see the helmet later (the one on the shelf)...and fastly detected a fake camo job, fake decal...etc...

    The real helmet is now in a collection somewhere....

    All this to say : the bar tender wouldn't have been a dishonest person if he had claimed that the helmet he put back on the shelf was a true helmet taken from a german soldier by his idea of this kind of market, no idea that it could be worth more than his car, no idea of anything concerning decals, helmets, camo idea that german helmets could be interesting for someone on the planet....for him it was just a souvenir of his father, like a key case or a pair of sunglasses...

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    is the above story from a true event or just something to coincide with this story of the vet and his obviously fake helmet?

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    This is a true story. I like fiction in movies only

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    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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