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German Helmet Vet Art

Article about: Hey guys! I thought this helmet was a pretty interesting one with what seems to be Vet art nothing special with the helmet I just thought it was neat.

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    Exactly what I was thinking Schwerpunkt as you can never be to certain just like camos and Eric I wouldn’t pay any extra for the “Vet art” just pay what the helmet itself is worth so in this case a ND M40.

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    G77, is there a place, subforum, etc, that has a list of what different helmet go for? I'll do a search for ND M40 here and on Google and see what I come up with. Right now I wouldn't know if $100, $500, or $2000 would be realistic.

    Just ran the search on google, and guess what, *mazon of all places came up first with a listing of "Original German M40 WWII Type Steel Helmet- Finnish M40/55" for $80. Well, I am not looking for a Finnish/German after war surplus, lol.

    The search continues....

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    I would say anywhere from 400-800 would be the price range depending on condition and who’s selling it. You should stick with reputable dealers for a while until you start learning more which will happen fairly quickly. I myself do not venture outside of them yet either as you can easily get burned if you are not careful.

    Also stay away from Amazon if that is what you looked at all those lids you find there will be reproduction shells.

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