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German helmets.

Article about: Hej Iam new on this site and the last days I have seen so nice helmets, order etc this site. So here are some helmets and other items from my collection Regards Morten ..on

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    Default Re: German helmets.

    you know some times ive almost heard grown men cry here on this forum
    there are many things that pop up here with provonence from vets
    and even so called first hand knowlage that turn out to be wrong
    it hurts people (i know) but there are guys here that know what they are looking at
    and they will always be whonest no mater how brutal that may seem to a new guy
    now when some one like me says they dont like the look of smething
    that opens a debate ,, and that is what we are all here for
    cheers ian

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    Default Re: German helmets.

    Hej Ian your total right about the debat it's very good to have a open forum but we can be to fast to say bad insted of ok lets see more pictures of the item etc...
    I admit that it's hard for a greenhorn like me to enter a forum like this if I just had startet collecting I had a diffren't way into it but I have had this as my main interest in 15 years or more so I enter with a diffrent point of ....dam this english words ..hope you know what I meen (",)
    I better get some sleep.
    If you like original pictures look at my site Militaria-pictures. - Frontpage. Militaria for sale.
    Best regards Morten

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    Default Re: German helmets.

    thanks for the link
    but??? lets see what the real big boys here have to say
    its realy time that an unknowlable man like me took a back seet and let the exsperts comment
    take care ian

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    Default Re: German helmets.

    I made this about 6 months ago more then 6500 have been at the site. I like the old pictures they are good as reference some times.
    you to Ian see you.

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    Default Re: German helmets.

    I understand camo helmets can be hard to judge, from the photos you have posted I have some reservations of some of them.
    The LW helmets without compelling evidence to suggest otherwise it doesnt matter where they were found, books, collections and collectors and period photos these 2 do not fit any kind of mold, paint, decal, decal to shell relationships. A lot of old collections can have a lot of fakes in them, back then prices were not as insane as today and there was not the collective and shared knowledge we have today.
    >>The Luftwaffe helmets are found in DK<<
    Remember, fakes started in 1945.

    I tried your link and didnt really see anything of the helmets, can you post clear head on shots of the decals and more detail of the helmets?

    Again, I am not saying they are all bad. I have concerns of the 2 LW, the wire (or whatever you want to call it), and one or two of the camos needs better photos.


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