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German M40 Helmet

Article about: Hi I have not been into the collecting of WW2 German helmets long. I have done a fair deal of reading, but the market is full of items trying to be something that they are not. So I have mad

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    Default German M40 Helmet


    I have not been into the collecting of WW2 German helmets long. I have done a fair deal of reading, but the market is full of items trying to be something that they are not.

    So I have made a purchase with a guarantee from a local dealer. The previous owner says he had it for 15 years or so. After doing more research with the help of some great guides online, I am not 100% sure on my purchase.

    I have attached some links to the photos of my helmet below :-

    I would be grateful if someone would take a look and give me your opinion. I would like to know if any or all or none are of German production for a WW2 period.

    I can tell you that there is a maker stamp of ET64 on the shell, aswell as stamp with 5157. The liner is marked with a size of 56, and on the inside with a RNB number and in large letters SMBR. The chin strap is maker marked and dated 194x, but it is very weak and hard to read. Also the liner band seems to have a lot of rust on it, I can see a mark and its dated 1943 but I would have to take it out to see the rest, which I dont really want to do.

    Also for information, the external paint appears to be sprayed. But
    the inside has some brush marks in the paint. Inbetween some of the brush stokes you can see signs of a different colour paint. The paint is light blue in colour. This paint can be seen in a few other places where the darker paint has been scratched.

    Also in areas on the rolled edge, the paint has been worn down to bare metal. if I light the areas up with a bight torch you can see three different colours in different stages. Bare metal, light blue paint then the dark paint.

    Also the dark paint on the external has abit of texture to it. the
    internal paint is smooth.

    I thank you in advance for any comments


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    Default Re: German M40 Helmet

    sorry Dave , IMHO a lot of things are wrong , including the decal so far !
    Please post a better close up to be 100% sure

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    Default Re: German M40 Helmet

    Hi Dave, Again Francis is correct (he always is)

    About the only real thing there is the shell.

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    Default Re: German M40 Helmet

    Hi Dave, welcome to the forum!

    I would agree with the comments so far. I would return this helmet for a refund if I were you.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: German M40 Helmet

    I agree with my fellow collectors above. Complete fake from decal to paint to liner to strap.

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    Default Re: German M40 Helmet

    At least shell is original, but refurbished

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: German M40 Helmet

    Hi guys thanks for all the comments.

    I looked at this helmet on several times before I got it. I made sure I got a period of gaurantee to ensure I could take it back.

    Once I got it home I have spent loads of time comparing it to known originals and decided it most have been a refurb of several years ago.

    I have spoke to the dealer before I posted this thread and he is happy to take it back. I thought I would get some comments from you guys before it finally went back.

    Cheers Dave

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