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German M40 Helmet , i fear the worst :(.

Article about: Have no idea why the pictures are missing , there is some problems with photobucket at the moment , rest assured i didn't remove them. Hopefully they are showing again now , i re-posted them

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    Thanks Gentlemen , i will continue to look for items , and post on here. I would certainly like some original German militaria i will take a look at the sale thread and hopefully might find something nice. You've all been extremely helpful and i'm glad i found out about these pieces Thanks again , happy that the arbeitbuch was original . See you all around the forum. Kindest regards , Stu

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    Circuit advertisement German M40 Helmet , i fear the worst :(.
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    We all make mistake and have severe misjudgment on items we purchased. That is why the majority of the member have at least one or more fakes in there collection. STUDY, STUDY ........ And more STUDYING. Most fake will just jump out at you. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    The research involved in this hobby is a fantastic journey in itself, and one of the most enjoyable as well, at least for me, lol..
    Study the subject/item you intend to collect, and you will go into a purchase armed with knowledge...
    Good luck in your collecting endeavor!
    cheers, Glenn

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    Really a fake although. People have lost thousands of dollars with fakes so don't feel to bad. The big thing to look for in these is the vents on the side, fakers usually don't do these right. A real shame there are such people willing to sell this crap.

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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    Study the subject/item you intend to collect, and you will go into a purchase armed with knowledge...
    If I might add, consider picking one type of helmet, like simple no decal M42's. Or, to reference your other thread on badges, just pick close combat badges, and study the heck out of those. If you go for all kinds of different badges, you'll probably make your head explode.

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    In a nutshell, as described here, the shell rim is poorly rolled, the air vents are not the right size or shape and the liner as well as the shell show clear signs of artificial aging. I would add that it very odd to see a size and manufacturer stamp on the liner like this one. But if you are a re-enactor this would be a lot of fun to bang up in the field! You have had some very good advice here and I'm sure we can help you find a nice example in the future. NH

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    Forgot to mention, and don't think anyone else did either, a helmet like this, an M40 double decal, would run you well over $2,000. No way you would get one of these for 50 quid, and there arent that many double decal M40's.

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    Lesson learned, and a bargain for just $50... It cost me a lot more to learn a similar lesson many years ago, ouch, still cringe when I think of it, a FJ lid....

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    A lot of collectors have been stuck with a fake including yours truely it is part of it. timothy

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    even though it's a repro, it would still make a nice reenacter's helmet or display piece to put on the shelf, $50 is no big loss, maybe you could experiment and add a chicken wire type camo net ? or make a a field camo Normandy display with it?

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