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german m40 helmet rusted

Article about: i just purchased this m40 helmet. it was dug up from stalingrad in 2006 and has not been cleaned at all. looks like some battle dammage in the back. should i do anything to it? i would like

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    leave it,,,,,

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    Im glad you have decided to leave well enough alone, I have seen relic helmets so called cleaned and they have been left with more holes than they could count. That is a nice relic from a great battlefield, as said before enjoy it for what it is. And as for battle damage what ever hit him on the noggin came from a big blast.

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    Quote by bigredone View Post
    i paid 30 bucks for it and im having it shipped from latvia. i know it doesnt hold much value but i think value is in the eye of the beholder. it tells an interesting story from the bloodiest battle in history.. thats good enough for me
    This is the attitude a true collector should have. "Value" isn't always determined by rarity or money, some people never seem to be able to grasp that concept. You have, so you are definitely on the right track.

    Personally, I love rusted battlefield relic helmets much more than a mint one.
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    Just wanted to 'bump' this thread. I found this exact same helmet on ebay, being sold by someone in Latvia with several similar helmets. Just found that confusing. So, BigRedOne, if youre still active on the forum, did you ever get your helmet? Does anyone have any experience with this ebay seller?

    I guess I'm just wondering why the seller has this helmet for sale, when it seems a forum member purchased it over a year ago.

    Link Here:

    WW2 GERMAN M-40 HELMET FROM BATTLEFIELD OF STALINGRAD - eBay (item 260508575770 end time Feb-15-10 15:19:51 PST)

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    as some guys might know im looking a relic german helmet with aunthentication that it actually came from the owner of the helmet what proof did you get its actually from stalingrad and if you have a contact ,i would be grateful for contact details.i have a lovely quist m40 with sd that is supposed to have come from stalingrad ,but i have no proof thats the problem.

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