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German Medic Helmet

Article about: Is this one authentic? WWII German DN358 Helmet with Leather Liner and Chin Strap Painted Size 064 | eBay Annoyed from this ads?   Somebody surely must think it is.

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    4000 for something "she didn't know what she had", makes it sound like if it's real it was a major bargain. Assuming it ends up 100% correct, what do these usually run for?

    I did rather enjoy the Seattle article linked in the auction. Always interesting to hear a vet talk about their experiences.

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    I'm not going to assume anything, personally, but I have nothing against seeing better photos --- most of the ones on the listing were, imo, quite poor.

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    Quote by Ripper View Post
    This particular helmet i've seen it before a COUPLE of times on ebay.
    If this is an accurate statement, I'd be interested in seeing links to the auctions or photos of the helmet in different auctions.

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    Quote by LaDoraSurf View Post
    If this is an accurate statement, I'd be interested in seeing links to the auctions or photos of the helmet in different auctions.
    Why would i mislead you mate?I'm 100% sure i've seen the first 2 pictures before,and sorry but i dont keep a link of every helmet i see.For sure the last time i saw it,there were a lot of bids and the price was high.
    P.S. I just googled it second image

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    If you were able to find all of the information about the bunkers and such on the internet, a good scam artist may have done the same before you. I hope for your wallets sake we are all wrong. I agree that I would like to see your findings in a future post as well, as I am not a WAF member, and will not see it.

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    Sorry about that, I didn't mean to come out so insulting as it sounded, I was just surprised that he bought it for that price but eh! Maybe we're all wrong about it we'll just have to see.

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    Quote by Ripper View Post
    P.S. I just googled it second image
    Seems like that's from the listing discussed, not a different one... judging by the photo title. This unless the same seller has relisted the exact same listing under the same title--- if so I'm surprised this one hasn't been picked upon before.

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    You are welcome for drawing your attention to the listing.
    I would not have been able to afford it for that kind of money anyway so I am not sour.
    In fact, I am glad somebody got it so we can learn more.
    Believe me, if I thought it was a sleeper I would not have posted it because i know that posting a helmet on forums draws attention and additional bidders (thereby driving up the price).
    I truly wanted to find out if it was real.
    I hope for your sake that it is and I would appreciate you letting us know.
    I am still learning a lot about German helmets (I am mostly a US helmet collector) and I appreciate the education from fellow forum members.

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    I wonder how many of the nay sayers ever owned or even handled a white camoflage German helmet. I did many years ago and feet the paint yellowing was in line with the one I had, which was a single decal Heer helmet. Opinions are fine but sometimes need to be backed up with hands on experience and not just from looking at pictures on a moniter. It is evident that the seller was describing the camo when she said it was repainted. I certainly feel and hope that this is a genuine article.


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    Quote by LaDoraSurf View Post
    Thanks for the constructive feedback. I am able to make collecting decisions without the positive affirmation of forums. The vet inscription is very very fact, it points to the exact location the helmet was "captured" or souveniered (I was scolded one time by a forum for saying a helmet was captured).
    Leather is dry, but still flexible.
    Helmet weighs 3 lbs. 5 oz.

    Interior inscription:
    "Med Off Zolt
    Ostbunker Medical Academey
    Capture 9/44"

    On Nov-08-14 at 09:30:08 PST, seller added the following information:

    Helmet History...
    This helmet is from the estate of one of my clients. My client's uncle (still living) was a medical officer stationed in Germany during the Normandy Invasion. He brought this helmet, and other relics, back to the States after the war. This helmet has been in storage (and well preserved) for decades. It is definitely authentic.

    The information provided is quite confusing so could you provide us with the information that you have unearthed to assist in clarification ??

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