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German Medic Helmet

Article about: Is this one authentic? WWII German DN358 Helmet with Leather Liner and Chin Strap Painted Size 064 | eBay Annoyed from this ads?   Somebody surely must think it is.

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    Default German Medic Helmet

    Is this one authentic?
    WWII German DN358 Helmet with Leather Liner and Chin Strap Painted Size 064 | eBay
    Somebody surely must think it is.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture German Medic Helmet  

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    I don't like it at all, looks like a original shell repainted aged up and nicked with some tools, split pins look loose so the liner was probably put in recently and and the liner seems fishy to me, can't comment on the chinstrap.

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    Just from the one picture that made it to the forum, that's a big no on that one!

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    These helmets are a minefield I'm not saying its real but I like the looks of it. The seller has a 14 day return policy. Marty
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    After looking at the eBay.. The rest looks ok IMO... I think someone may have ruined a decent plain Jane M40.

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    Agree about the minefield of these I don't like that one not the patina I would expect for a 70 year old helmet from the photo. timothy

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    Hi, not one I would give a chance to personally. No real wear to it, the "chips" to the paint work are all of a similar size as are the scratches. Looks artificially done to me and the overall condition looks much to good for a front line used piece. The edges of the helmet are not even worn down. Leon.
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    Putting the medic angle aside , have a look at the genuine one looker White Camo helmets that are displayed on the forum and your answer is there for you.

    This one was painted and put together a few weeks ago !!

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    This one doesn't need one look, a glance out of the corner of the eye is enough to dismiss this as a fake. There seems to be a lot of blind halfwits bidding on this


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    As usual Jerry a fool and his money comes to mind , unfortunately in collecting Militaria there are many such fools !!

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