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German medic helmet ?

Article about: Hi list this is the third post for help I have had in 3 days and hopefully it will be third time lucky. I purchased this helmet about 5 years ago from a dealer in Germany, at the time I had

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    Quote by HARRY THE MOLE View Post
    In defence of Hoss.

    At least all his postings on this helmet have been polite - even though he is wrong about it. Just an observation of mine of course...

    The easiest way of stifling debate is to shout down the opponent. Then you don't have any debate do you?

    Now go on... shout me down too.
    Harry, polite or smug?
    There is history here with good ole Hoss and some members and is why he is banned in two other forums.

    Polite idiocy is still idiocy. My patience is worn totally out.

    If that offends you stick me on your ignore list.

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    Circuit advertisement German medic helmet ?
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    Quote by HARRY THE MOLE View Post
    And there lies the problem... Some members really DO think they know what they are on about - even though they probably don't. And that is why they post their opinions. It would be rather stupid of anyone to 'pretend' to know wouldn't it? And so if they believe in what they are saying, they have every right to voice their opinion on the subject.

    This argument on the rights and wrongs of posting comments could go on forever. Is it being suggested that just certain forum members should post comments and the rest of us just nod in appreciation and doff their caps? What a sad place it would become if that were the case. The input of every member makes the forum what it is. There is a wealth of very valuable knowledge given freely and with good heart from very knowledgeable people on this website, it just seems a pity that some members always seem to be shouted down for saying what they believe. None of us are perfect.
    Whatever Harry.

    I believe that the world is flat.

    Enjoy your collecting good sir.

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    Quote by Schwerpunkt View Post
    Collecting is not about believing but about knowing , facts.
    The moderators and administrators should take care that the forum content is up to snuff , letting everyone post whatever they may think they believe is real may sound good in a democratic setting , freedom of speech and all but a forum is not a democracy.
    here the value of the content should be more important , in that respect a person that comes here claiming a blatant fake is real would be a person you want to silence.
    That is an exagurated example but more dangerous is a person that posts from a feigned postion of knowledge , giving some people doubt to what is an obvious fake.
    It is not just this particular topic or this particular forum , said person is a persona non grata on other forums and his Modus operandi is well known.
    I read your post on the helm "WTF its a bleeding fake" thanks I didn't miss it and very helpful was going to print it but did not want to waste a 8x10 sheet of paper.
    Frank I raced a Modus once the clutch disintegrated on the first lap, disappointing eh? that's life errr anything more on the op helmet?


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    Quote by Hoss View Post
    With respect I think you maybe quoting the wrong file I'll try and finding something but I don't keep everything on my computer. I fail to understand why I singly have to keep providing evidence alone in these threads like some pathetic helmet court case drama.

    Isn't it enough that one person may like this helmet and wants to hear more whether its ww2 or after. All that has been posted against is scratches, tool marks, "bleeding fake" cartoons and personal attacks that have zero to do with the op helmet.

    Sure Hoss. You say something out of left field be expected to prove it. Then again you think a forum is a place for diarrhea of the mind and fingertips, where anyone can write anything and not be expected to back it.

    You never did Unterstand why you were banned off two other forums, including WAF where you practically need to commit murder to be tossed.

    I am sick of having to cross swords with you constantly and sick of reading your shit.

    This place is a waste of time when anyone can just spout whatever they want and not be expected to back anything up. So long as they are polite.

    Enjoy yourself Hoss. I am outta here. I really dont enjoy sharing the same webspace as moronic idiots who are left to wander free and say whatever they want about whomever they want, even if they are so completely wrong as to cause every thread to degrade into a "court case".

    Cheers boys.

    See you on GHW2. I wont waste my time here anymore.

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    Harry, polite or smug?
    There is history here with good ole Hoss and some members and is why he is banned in two other forums.

    Polite idiocy is still idiocy. My patience is worn totally out.

    If that offends you stick me on your ignore list.
    I am out talking about helmets I believe your only happy surrounded by your friends and incapable of discussing in a polite manner I do like your posts on decals in fact one post here I expressed a comment it had to be checked by you, maybe you missed it wrapped up in vulgar posting I'm sorry one day you may have to live up to the fact not everyone agrees with you, sad.

    "The axeman cometh oh Lord forgive my sins" lol!

    German medic helmet ?

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    Time for a mod to deliver a Coup de grāce to this thread I think?
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Yes,It is time to pull the pin on this one!!!!

    German medic helmet ?

    Semper Fi

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    Another thread that by rights should have been no longer than one page at the most has been turned into a three ring circus .
    Hoss you have been a member here for some time now and I have followed and read my fair share of the posts and or threads that you have contributed to and I am very thankful of one thing.

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    If I ask for an option one here I emotionally prepare myself for the worst ie: the item is legit or not.
    a majority of the time when the collective experience of the group weighs in on my post I accept it.
    The reason for this is experience collectors with good intentions outweigh scumbags
    its a built in system of checks and balances which we should all be proud.
    If I asked for numerous points of support on every item i am advised is spurious by the forum
    The guys would have to quit their day job.
    I hate constructive critisim but i know that they all have best intions.
    you cant help people who don't want help.

    End of thread In my opinon

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    Put whatever spin you want on it Hoss. You live in a fantasy world so I'll let you be.

    Anyone who has tried actual real discussion with you knows it's an exercise in frustration.

    Congrats you twit, you've ruined yet another thread. How many is that now over 3 forums in the past 3 years. Must be nearing at least 500 by now.

    See ya, enjoy WRF. You've found your new home.

    I'm assuming that there will be pinned qtip threads here soon.

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