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German Medics Helmet continued

Article about: by gel65 Sorry, I never had a chance to speak with him right now I have been very bogged down with school work and sports. Doug's offer is generous but at the moment I do not have the time t

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    The will try and get better pictures when it is light

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    Quote by gel65 View Post
    I believe that is no way to think, I really do respect Doug but when you begin to base your opinion on what other think I believe that is where you go wrong. I know plenty of collectors and even writers that were wrong not to say he is but I see people put full trust in someone just because of what they have take Bill Shea for example many people really do not think twice when he says something is real which is quite dangerous in the collecting community. I am not try to lower the merit of Doug but am trying to offer some thought
    That's fine. You can believe what're you like. I'm not saying Doug is a God. And Doug has always made it known not to rest solely on his judgement. But, with that being said, I put great merit in his judgement. Camos are tricky and for that reason I stay away from them. He has probably sold more camos from his collection that I will ever hold, so I put some faith in him. And what's he got to lose? It's not his helmet to sell. Everyone makes mistakes. Oh, and I never made an opinion on this helmet, I simply said in Doug we trust. Take that however you'd like. I never trust anyone 100%, but some are damn close. What are your thoughts on not judging one helmet based on any number of good ones it is grouped with?

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    I mean by what I have seen it with why would he have this, I met the vets son who currently has it, it was given to him when he was a kid. If you think that I meant you were someone who thought that Doug was a god is not what I meant, I see so many collectors now going off what they hear rather than doing research, I am sorry if you thought that I meant that I was talking about you

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    I understand. No harm. I too met a vets grandson a year ago to look at a 100% bring back camp helmet. Turned out to be bad all over. I guess the grand son figured out that i knew it was junk as he never contacted me again. I believe everyone was dead on with that lid. I don't get great feelings about this one, but bedrooms or bathrooms are hardly the place to take photos of a camo helmet.

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    To dark and my camera does not take good pictures unless in natural light

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    For sure take time to take pics in natural light. If this is a true vet bring back there should be some background that can be checked.

    A medic helmet is among THE most difficult helmet to offer an opinion on via photos. White is THE most difficult helmet to photograph. As these are among the most heavily faked helmets on the planet I have very tight parameters to judge by.

    Take a ton of photos of all aspects of the helmet, lot number, maker, interior, liner, pins (if possible), and find all the chaff marks and wear and take in focus closeups in natural light.

    Photos can make or break ones opinion on a helmet. I am sorry to say but these break it for me.

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    The vet stories are tough btw. I remember a dealer who often sought my opinion on SS helmets asked about some SS paraphernalia the vet also had. It was all fantasy SS junk from the 60's. But the helmet was dead on. The dealer got upset with me as I obviously didn't know my non helmet "stuff" and this after all, was vet bring back stuff. The haul included a fake SS skull.

    Well after posting it for sale because I was wrong and he believed the vet would never lie, and without doing his homework, he rather embarrassingly found out I was correct.

    Live and learn, we all do, me included.

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    I do have the vets name and was able to see his paper work from the son, he was awarded the purple heart during the war I will be sure to get as many pictures as I can in the morning

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    M40 ET = should have a decal , is it there ?
    Red cross = to authenticate 100% crisp clear pictures are required.
    Interior looks good so far.

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    Hello thanks for input it is an ET is feels like it might have a decal covered up on one side there is a large amount of heavy paint making me think that it was reissued and there is evidence that the previous owners name was filed out

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