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German Medics Helmet continued

Article about: by gel65 Sorry, I never had a chance to speak with him right now I have been very bogged down with school work and sports. Doug's offer is generous but at the moment I do not have the time t

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    Default German Medics Helmet continued

    Hello, well I had the chance to meet with the man again and view the helmet here are the photos I was able to obtain. On closer inspection I noticed that it had a ww1 chin strap in it. There were small details that I like for example there is some of the red paint on the inside rim of the helmet. The helmet liner is a size 60. Appears to have been reissued.German Medics Helmet continuedGerman Medics Helmet continuedGerman Medics Helmet continuedGerman Medics Helmet continuedGerman Medics Helmet continuedGerman Medics Helmet continuedGerman Medics Helmet continuedGerman Medics Helmet continued The exterior has very honest wear to it, I would like to see what you guys think

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    The photos are blurry but from what is shown its a big NO for me. Tool marked and aged with a liner in no way resembling the exterior's faux wear.

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    I would also give it a no. The liner looks way to good compared to the helmets exterior and the ageing looks very deliberate and faked.

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    I would pass on this helmet.
    I think this helmet has been going around for the time.

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    Hello I have compared this to other repros the age and paint are much different. This helmet has been owned by one man for all of its time

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    Buy the helmet not the story, winter medic camo's are about as rare as hen's teeth, if doug says its no good then its no good, he would know more then anyone here.

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    Here are some pictures of the brush strokes on the helmet this was done in the field I have seen the other items this came with all were 100% original.
    German Medics Helmet continuedGerman Medics Helmet continuedGerman Medics Helmet continuedGerman Medics Helmet continued

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    Take each helmet on its own merits. You can have ten great helmets and one dud. The ten great ones don't make the dud authentic. And vice versa. It looks convincing but in Doug we trust.

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    I believe that is no way to think, I really do respect Doug but when you begin to base your opinion on what other think I believe that is where you go wrong. I know plenty of collectors and even writers that were wrong not to say he is but I see people put full trust in someone just because of what they have take Bill Shea for example many people really do not think twice when he says something is real which is quite dangerous in the collecting community. I am not try to lower the merit of Doug but am trying to offer some thought

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    I agree, each must come to his own conclusion.

    The photos are nowhere near the quality I would even consider buying this helmet and in hand may be totally different.

    What I see are repetitive tool marking, scratches going "against the grain" so to speak, and repetitive chaffing on the paint. The liner doesn't match up to the shell in any way shape or form. The rusting through the paint can be achieved by a chemical solution. All in all it does not press my one looker buttons. But that's just me judging off the (bad) photos.

    If you like it buy it. But I would post far better images of the entire helmet and good closeups if you want valid opinions.

    Also owned by one or one hundred we do not know. We only judge what we see.

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