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Good or bad camo

Article about: I saw this camo at the Birmingham gun show last Sat. And am interested. Lighting in the show was not the best. The seller is from Atlanta and I asked him to send me pictures this is all i ha

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    More photos from web site where it was sold before.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Good or bad camo   Good or bad camo  

    Good or bad camo   Good or bad camo  

    Good or bad camo   Good or bad camo  

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    Does it have a chance with one or possible two dealers vetting the helmet and one selling it?
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    I don't care who vetted it - just doesn't do it for me, sorry.

    .... and others on here also.
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    Quote by Danmark View Post
    I don't care who vetted it - just doesn't do it for me, sorry.

    .... and others on here also.
    Sorry i've got to agree!...
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    Hi Marty, well those two guys are well respected and as they have had it in hand I would have to "bow down" to their thoughts and experience. Personally though, I still would not buy it as I do not like the shade of green for starters, it's not the "standard" military shade and if their are so many doubters(such as myself) you may find it hard to move on if need be at a later date. Just my opinion, but again, I would pass on it. Leon.
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    Dealers are in business to make money. I have several dealer-friends who I have known for many years. Telling porkies about something comes as second nature to them. You only have to browse through dealers websites to see some of the stunts they are prepared to pull on the unsuspecting.
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    Italianwarfront!!!!!! purchased 2 M1's from Georgio that have been spot on,however check post 29 on my own thread about him.

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    Leon, that is my thoughts also. If I were it buy the helmet and years down the road I needed to sell there would be doubter and that would make it hard to sell or put your reputation on the line. But I will say this WE that includes me are quick to pass judgment from photos which is all we have to go from. I am not saying with 100% certainty the helmet is real but two dealer with good reputation held the helmet and said it was good. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Both dealers mentioned I believe are fairly careful about their listings, and rarely do I see something that doesn't appeal to me as authentic on their site. That said camo helmets are the most difficult to assess, I wonder what the provenance is. I must say going by the photos it's not one I would pursue.

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