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Heer DD ( Transitional ? )

Article about: by reichss Hi 4md, it looks like the filler has just come adrift from the one hole. i see, the bog fell out i was a little concerned with the liner because it looks like a steel liner with p

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    ive got the thomas kibler vol 2 book and the heer decal macthes the decal in transitional helmet and reissue decal section of the book. but it dont say who the maker is. the tricolor to me looks like a Q decal but not a 100% on that

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    i am going to go out on a limb and say that decal is a gray line decal commonly found on transitional helmets

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    Quote by cgp1066 View Post
    All nice helmets guys! Relicz, I always enjoy seeing that avatar. Any threads dedicated to it?
    Thanks Corey,
    There are two older threads on GHW - one when I found it and the other when I researched it and the group I discovered it with. Been meaning to do a re-shoot, but I am always on to the next discovery. I suppose I should share the research I have so far in a thread on this forum at some point. It has some interesting provenance.

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    To bring an old thread back to life, the holes on this one I am sure are from it's service as a Czech Vz20 helmet between the wars. The Czechs received Austrian M17 helmets, and had a comb installed on the top. When it came to be reissued to the Wehrmacht these combs were removed and the holes welded up.
    I tend to agree Andy, the 3 hole pattern looks familiar.

    Reichss, are there also 3 holes at the back top centre of the shell?
    They may be hard to see sometimes, depending on the angle and light conditions.


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