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Heer decal for the steel helmet.

Article about: miracles can happen, and yet is possible?

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    Default re: Heer decal for the steel helmet.

    Leave the decal and helmet as is and just buy a single decal helmet! If finances are the consideration just sell the no decal helmet and the decal and put the money towards a decaled piece. Applying a Strache decal to a no decal helmet kills the value of the helmet and destroys 2 pieces of history! Jim G.

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    Default re: Heer decal for the steel helmet.

    Quote by zippa43 View Post
    I think that I would try to take the risk.
    110 Lose euros!
    But i will will be sure that has done everything possible to ensure beautiful helmet ))))))))))))
    These decals DO NOT come around every day..
    They do come up every now and then, but not often..
    Im thinking about buying a Pocher SS decal, I have a helmet to put it on
    I would not do it..

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    Default re: Heer decal for the steel helmet.

    Please ;listen to the advise you are being given, the decal will not adhere properly to the helmet, and in some cases will either tear or crumble, besides which even if you do manage to get the thing to stick, the differences in looks will be completely off, ive seen what can happen when someone thought they could stick an original decal on and it was a complete failure, why risk destroying the history of both and losing 110 euros, its not worth it, regards Dave

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    Default re: Heer decal for the steel helmet.

    Why put a period decal on a period helmet and have a frankenstien helmet that is now not a piece of history. Buy a nice single decal M42, there are plenty out there.

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    Default re: Heer decal for the steel helmet.

    Quote by zippa43 View Post

    I want to buy it.
    I have a helmet that I decided to leave yourself at all times.
    (Not for sale)
    I want (decal) to install it on my helmet.
    What do you advise me?
    it is still possible to install?
    Like John said , don't do it. Not only is there a big chance you will ruin this 70 year old decal but you will also ruin a good ND helmet.
    These are not toys you know.

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    Default re: Heer decal for the steel helmet.

    Hi Ivan, this is all good advice. Don't even dream of doing this.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default re: Heer decal for the steel helmet.

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi Ivan, this is all good advice. Don't even dream of doing this.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Guys, my dear friends.
    I really appreciate the story. I firmly connected with the history.
    And I appreciate every thing.
    I had no plans to spoil a good helmet.
    I'm just like you believe that any changes detrimental.
    Nevertheless, I have separated in the collection are unused shell helmet.
    And I wanted to install it on the label.
    To store it on a shelf.
    When I found this label from the dealer.
    I wrote him a question.
    And the dealer told me that the label, can be easily installed on a helmet.
    I believed him.
    But now, after a conversation with you.
    I realized that it was impossible to do.
    I listen to your, advice guys.
    And I will not do that.
    Thank you.
    You really helped me and saved me from the loss of 110 euro.
    I want to tell you that I will never touch, a good thing.
    It was just an idea
    And before do.
    I asked.
    I'm glad you responded and shared with me their experiences.
    Thank you friends.
    Sincerely, Ivan.

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    Default re: Heer decal for the steel helmet.

    I think this topic is very useful.
    Since I am sure that the possibility of installing, on the original helmet,
    original (Decal) occurred to many people.
    Thank you.

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    Default re: Heer decal for the steel helmet.

    Quote by John Brandon View Post
    DON'T DO IT!
    The minute you apply it to the helmet, it will fail. These are only meant for display. Decals from the period were made in such a way that the adhesive sealing it was a mixture that for Health & Safety reasons cannot be replicated. If you apply it to a helmet, you may as well throw your money down the drain
    I would NEVER consider attaching a decal to an un-decaled helmet either, but I was really interested in Johns reply.

    I always just assumed that they were attached to the helmets with varnish that was at the tacky stage, you learn something every day, I had no idea it was some type of adhesive.

    Thanks John.



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    Default Re: Heer decal for the steel helmet.

    Spence, not varnish but binding agents, which you could call adhesives.
    Ducolux lacquer made by Duco AG Berlin had good results, as was Kopal, and Damar Lacquers, which could be thinned by using pure turpentine.
    The rough proceedure was to apply binding agent to the helmet, wait until tacky dry, cut the decal and place firmly into position using a wet sponge to iron out any bubbles. 24 hours later or when dry a thin coating of one the above lacquers could be used.. There were of course, lots of problems applying in the field and an instruction pamphlet was issued en mass to try and eliminate the problems (Bubbling, tears, etc)
    quite a science, and gives you some idea why they have survived all of these years

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