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Heer helmet - is it authentic - how much is it worth - please help

Article about: Hi, I have the opportunity to purchase or trade for this Heer lid and I would like to know whether it looks authentic and how much is it worth. Thank you for your help.

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    Wasn't the value given in post #2? Since no one posted a reply dissenting, isn't that pretty much sufficient?

    Maybe not.
    I live in Pennsylvania too so krabbekrout's value estimate is probably closer to what I should expect to see in my area.
    Thank you
    BTW, maybe you can PM me some of those auctions???

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    Circuit advertisement Heer helmet - is it authentic - how much is it worth - please help
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    Canadians and Aussies have too much money lol! good old PA I like a beer or two! nice helmet I like it value is always difficult so not many ask and get replies if I came across this helm I'd pay $450 if i was in the mood $750 is rather high. imo.


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    We do not have too much money, sellers just think we do!!!
    Thats why most of my items come from overseas.
    Generally still cheaper despite the horrendous international postage.

    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    $450! I would take all the helmets you could supply for that kind of money.. far more expensive in good old Blighty

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    $750 is a little too high, but I doubt you'd get it for $300/$400.

    Quote by Heavington View Post
    I agree 750 is way to high, at a flea market I saw a German red cross helmet for 325. I should have took a picture of the thing to post on here.
    Very likely to be a fake medic helmet.

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    Private sale this is about a $500-625 helmet.

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    $750 is a little too high, but I doubt you'd get it for $300/$400.

    Very likely to be a fake medic helmet.
    When I first saw it I automatically thought fake as well, but when I started looking it over the liner and helmet were real though, the paint job I'm no expert on. Next time I go there I'll take a picture to let the forum see.

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    Helm belongs to a waf member he asked for sell price 'over there among'st the dealers' lol!


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    Oh ya, what did they come up with on the sale price?
    I now have the opportunity to purchase it for $600.
    I think I am going to buy it.

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    $600 sounds like a good price for this one --- It looks like an "untouched" Heer, as opposed to the heaps of "nicer" condition helmets that have all obviously been cleaned of all their age and patina. As a collector I prefer this type here over the cleaned minty ones --- most of the time, anyway.

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