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Heer helmet, worth the money?

Article about: Darnit. Okay, you're all right, I'll ignore this helmet! It's frustrating, every helmet I find is sold before I can get it and all the others are bad deals >.< Thank you to those who'v

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    Default Heer helmet, worth the money?

    Sorry everyone, it's me again trying to work out how to spend my money. Every single helmet I've seen so far's been sold, so I'm forced to reconsider! I've had my eye on this for a while; but do you think it's worth the 320 the seller wants for it? Thanks, Robbie.

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    Default Re: Heer helmet, worth the money?

    Hi Robbie, I'm not sure about Pounds to Dollars, but it looks like an ok helmet to me, despite the lining. Would such a defect bother you over time? What kind of helmet are you looking for? There are many places online to buy a helmet, make sure that you don't buy one that you're not thrilled with because of lack of options. Personally, I'm an impulsive person and I have to be careful that I don't buy something that I'm not 100% excited about just because I can't find what I want. In my limited experience something great comes along right after I buy the thing that I'm lukewarm about!

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    Default Re: Heer helmet, worth the money?

    Hey Eddie - it's $510, if it helps, and thanks for your advice! I know what you mean, I'm pretty impulsive too... but I do rather like this helmet and would be willing to pay that amount. I've been searching around for a couple of weeks now online and I can never find the right helmet in my price range! I would be more than happy with this helmet; I just want to know if I'm being ripped off or not!

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    Default Re: Heer helmet, worth the money?

    Mh hard to say but I would pass this one. (because of the lining) For that money you will find another one.

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    Default Re: Heer helmet, worth the money?

    I wouldn't say that you would be ripped off, but you might be happier with a better helmet at a better price! I sent you a PM with some helmets in your price range that I found.

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    Default Re: Heer helmet, worth the money?

    Take your time, even if it takes weeks, months, will find a good helmet

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    Default Re: Heer helmet, worth the money?

    Im sure there are some better helmets out there within your price range, certainly with better liners, perhaps not all decalled but there will be something

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    Default Re: Heer helmet, worth the money?

    for $510, I'd want a decent liner.....but that's just me. William

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    Default Re: Heer helmet, worth the money?

    That's a gash helmet dude - I wouldn't..............the decal is nice....but that's ALL that is. Money burning a hole in your pocket is one sure-fire way to get a clunker on the shelf!
    Hang around...............there'll start being a LOT more helmets at good prices the closer to Christmas we get!

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    Default Re: Heer helmet, worth the money?

    Great advice from the guys! I know its tempting to fill your shelves, but fill them with something worthy of your

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