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Heer M40 ET62

Article about: Hello Everyone. Just posting some photos of an M40 that I picked up recently at a militaria fair. Appreciate your thoughts on this one. Thanks

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    Quote by JimMcR View Post
    I paid 350. The guy I bought it grom was selling off a large amount of his collection of Third Reich militaria which he had been collecting for about 30 years. He did advise me that the liner may not be original to the helmet. The helmet had the ET stamp and the 62 size beside it as well as a batch no. on the rear. The decal is flush to the steel and will not scratch off so took a chance and bought it.
    You have been ripped off.

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    Quote by Schwerpunkt View Post
    You have been ripped off.
    Simple and to the point. I would return it to the seller pronto.

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    Quote by JimMcR View Post
    I paid 350. .

    As others have said, try not to be disheartened. I have waited a long time and viewed many posts on this Forum before finally 'pulling the trigger' on a ( to me ) satisfactory M40. I also 'played' with a couple of cheap relics along the way as part of the learning process.

    Be patient - you'll find a good one.

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    Thanks Martin. As I said in my previous posts it still makes a nice piece for display and at least its an original shell. Where did you get your M40 from?

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    Quote by JimMcR View Post
    As I said in my previous posts it still makes a nice piece for display and at least its an original shell.
    Honestly my friend that shouldn't be any consolation. Even as an original shell you paid too much. And with a fake decal, you'll have a tough time ever getting your money back when you sell it. M40 Heer's are not too difficult to find.

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    Quote by JimMcR View Post
    Where did you get your M40 from?
    From the Stoneleigh Militaria Fair.But you do need to know what you're looking for in the rather hectic atmosphere of a fair and where you have to make an immediate buy/don't buy decision. And prices at Stoneleigh were wildly variable......Do your research !

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    If returns are not accepted, take it as a learning experience and enjoy it as it is. But, for that kind of money, you're only a couple hundred away from getting into a better condition and untouched M40 or M42. If they accept returns, I would be looking into that ASAP if it were me as I agree that you were ripped off regardless of the sellers experience with these or intentions. Join up over at German Helmet Walhalla as well as here. Between the two forums, you'll have a wealth of helmet information to look at, and good classifieds sections.

    By the way, when you said the decal doesn't scratch off, that test tells you absolutely nothing and stands a good chance of one day damaging a perfectly good decal. I would highly recommend using knowledge over fingernails when determining the originality of them.

    Lastly, don't despair. We all have our fakes and messed with stuff, and know exactly what it feels like to make inaccurate assumptions on a risk. Be patient, and be sure to post items before you buy them, and folks here will be happy to offer help so you don't have that happen often. If you end up missing an item or two, there's always another one to be found later. It's just part of the game, and better to miss one than lose your investment on a mistake you can't get out of.

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    350? Wow....! A modern decal and a replaced liner....even the paint looks weak. Sorry to say, but you Need to see about asking for a refund!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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