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Heer M42

Article about: Hi again! A new helmet, up for review. I don't like the decal, and the straps looks norwegian but better check with you guys first, (again). What are your feelings? Sorry for the bad pics, t

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    I think so but I also believe the heads of these were smaller than the German ones

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    I just noticed the brass split pin too, are the little pins that hold the leather to the liner band also brass with domed heads? Earlier M35's used brass liner pins so it could be that the whole liner and strap rig was reissued to the Norwegians, and reassembled using whatever mixed up parts they had. The shell does not appear to me to have had paint removed from it.

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    I don't see how the yellow paint could have gotten there so evenly distributed in recesses all over the exterior of the shell if not? This combined with the washed and flat appearance of the decal and yellow paint on the linerband pretty much gives it away for me.

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    Nope, I can't see any brass pins on the liner band. And the inside doesn't appear to have as much yellow paint as the outside. Nothing in the dome, and as said, I can't see any traces from removing paint on the shell and the liner appears to have been there a while, it is dust between the liner band and the paint, the liner doesn't seem to have got any red dye on. The liner looks untouched.

    It maybe has to be examined in hand by a more experienced collector

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    Even though, I still can't see how all of that yellow paint residue could have gotten there if it had not been painted over at one time. Just going by the photos it does not seem like random spots of "garage paint" "on top" of the surface but rather more like paint still left in recesses and microsopic indentures in the original paint texture after cleaning -- just my opinion, a more experienced collector would probably be able to tell if in hand.

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    As you said, it doesn't look like any garage paint. But i'm still not 100% convinced of it being "cleaned" as I can't find any traces from that. But (if) it is a cleaned shell, I must say it is quite a good job.

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    Yes, if it is indeed "cleaned" (I can't see any other explanation, really) then it sure is a very good job. One must also remember that if it has been cleaned it could have been done years and years ago --- allowing for a believable patina and a certain degree of renewed dust build-up.

    Either way, like I said before, it's still a good looking helmet for the money despite the grievances/issues!

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    Hi again, I must wake this thread up again. Today, when lifting up the helmet I see something I've never noticed before, the leather-liner has some yellow paint "spill" itself. That would mean that the liner has been there all the time, or at least when the yellow spots came to the helmet, and the liner has no red dye or traces of anything "unusual". This helmet is really killing me, in my eyes it would mean the yellow spots doesn't have anything with any "industri-rivern" helmets to do. But in the other end, one will never know exactly. Any other coments to this discovery?

    Heer  M42

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