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Heer Transitional Helmet

Article about: Hi Guys I have had this helmet for around 30 years. It was given to me when as a child I was interested in all things military and many of the veterans the family knew would often be pleased

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    in my eyes the adler doesn't look right the other decal isn't straight it seems to be leaning to our right-> i think the helmets a m16 or 18 not quite sure on that odd that the camo seems to go over the adler on parts but not all of it

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    Is it me or are there two strange stained areas that seem to be over both of the decals...?

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    Tom the camo definitely doesnt go over either decal. The camo looks to be purely the brown as the green seems to match the inside of the helmet, so looks like a brown was added to create the camo effect, perhaps that is even a WW1 period paint job, that what I have always thought anyway as I have seen pictures of various camos including that kind of job.

    Tiger, there is some kind of staining on the Adler but not on the national shield.

    For me I have always thought the shield look really well aged and original and the adler I have always wondered about, but I also presumed that on the early transitional helmets there are various kinds of decals before 'standardisation' or are they all of are a very standard type with no oddballs?

    Thanks for all the help so far


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    can't be a ww1 camo as there were strict rules guildlineing it

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