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Helmet batch numbers

Article about: Can any information be had from a helmet batch number . Or was is just for quality control and once it left the factory was that where all traceability stopped.

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    what is GHW ?

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    Quote by busman View Post
    what is GHW ?
    German Helmet Walhalla is another forum, some of the guys on here are also on there

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    Quote by Schwerpunkt View Post
    Those collectors would wrongly interpret the lotnumber list they are using then , the one I put up on GHW clearly shows that a lotnumber is not used by one branch.
    This is an Interesting thread that I never saw the first time around! Helps with my research ( as will the database on the GHW when I get enough rep under my belt to get to VETERAN level to be able to access it )

    What the above quote would indicate to me is the following possible scenario..... ( hypothetical of course )

    Week 13, 1941 - The Eisenhüttenwerke (ET) plant in Thale, Germany.
    "Zis week we need to make 10,000 helmets - 5,000 for ze army, 3,000 for ze air force and 2,000 others."
    "Ze steel is to ONLY be used from batch #345 and for our quality control, zis week's helmet production vill be designated Lot No XXXXX"
    "please ensure zis number is stamped onto ALL helmets prior to sending down ze different painting and decal lines"

    Eric Strasser
    Production Overseer

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    Gee I said some dumb sh#t 4 years ago
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