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Helmet mold/repair stand???

Article about: Stumbled upon this on Ebay. The seller referenced it as maybe a German helmet repair block or mold. I've never seen anything like it. Any thoughts?

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    Or the US " near beer" they had in Iraq!!!!

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    All US beer is "near beer".
    Just some are slightly nearer than others.

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    You obviously have not been to the US recently

    Dogfish Head.
    Anchor Steam.
    Flying Dog Brewery...etc etc etc

    ....the list of US quality micro beers goes on and on (if i could have been nothered to write more on the list, that is).

    I have been visiting the US more than a couple of times the last year and the days of Budweiser and why-is-american-beer-like-making-love-in-a-canoe is looooooong gone.

    Besides with easy access to Forsters, I might be a little bit careful about badmouthing other beers!!


    Interesting thread. Hadnt seen this item before.

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    We export Fosters all over the world so we don't have to drink the c--p
    I agree with the Micro beers Scout.I was in the US way back in 97 and enjoyed some local Colorado micro's. Far superior than the commercial brews,no contest.
    The funny thing is the first thing a bar tender in the US offer's you is a Fosters if they work out your accent. I would'nt touch it with a barge pole mate.
    Have a good one cobber

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    Clever deal with the export, Dave.

    Good one. Made me laugh.

    Have a good one, mate.

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