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Helmet named to a officer and field post

Article about: I was offered this helmet and I don't know if its worth the project of ripping the paint off to see if there is a decal, or just for a project, I don't know...Old ghetto biker helmet. Annoye

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    Yeah, in hindsight it's real sad to hear about all the equipment that was discarded back then... although certainly understandable taking everything into account.

    My grandmother lived at a farm up in Namsos where at first there were Anglo-French Expeditionary Forces in Apr. 1940 and then, after bombing the hell out of the city, the Germans came and occupied most of the farm. When he Germans were approaching the Allied Expeditionary Forces had to evacuate in a hurry so they left behind tons of equipment and rations etc. But, to avoid trouble with the advancing Germans they had to burn and/or discard it all down by a nearby river... my grandmother says she vividly remember seeing a whole pile of winter furs and other clothing going up in flames. As far as I know there wasn't much left behind by the Germans at the end of the war at that farm but, either way, with the typical farmers attitude towards these things, both then and now, it was all most probably disposed of anyway.

    This other place that I was referring to was a neighboring farm where there were either Luftwaffe or Heer forces stationed --- manning a nearby control post/checkpoint. The family was sent to live in a smaller house on the property with the Germans occupying the main building. Only thing I have from there is a Twin barrel MG stand, although I suspect there's more there that my neighbor does not want to divulge or part with... yet --- I have been promised a sign that the Germans made and had up though, no idea what it says but other relatives of mine have seen it --- he just needs to find it first But, yeah... I sometimes fantasize about/agonize over all the goodies that were thrown out back then ---

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    really interesting, what other stories related to this do you have ?

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    I don't know if I have all that many other stories pertaining to ww2 equipment being thrown out in particular... but like so many other people in countries that were once occupied by Germany during ww2 I have lots of stories from older generations about their interaction with the occupiers --- locals hiding guns up in the mountains/dumping them in lakes, nationals enlisting with the Germans to fight the Russians, locals ordered to help camouflage German battleships, witnessing bombing raids etc. etc. All very interesting to a history buff like myself but not really on topic as such

    Will you be stripping this one down though?

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    its on ebay. I don't know if I will bid on it. I hope someone will, I might bid on it I don't know. My guess there is nothing there, but you never know

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    Ah... I was under the impression that you had it already.

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    no not yet

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