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Helmet Pics!

Article about: G'day guys, Just received this shell in the mail this morning and thought I'd share a few pictures of it! Let me know what you think! All the best! Joshua

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    IS there any paint scraping around the missing rivets? Would like to see outdoor pics in overcast of the helmet if possible. The finish does not look factory applied as Dimas has said but perhaps a textured camo field applied. I have an SS helmet in woodchip done this way, and painted a shade of feldgrau. PS love the cases, great creative way to display the helmet in a dust free environment.
    I had my helmets in Detolfs, 2 per shelf, one on a stand and one on the glass shelf. Looked great but was a pain in the arse to handle the helmets so I built my "wall". Must dust once a month but it gives me an excuse to handle the helmets and my wife cannot believe I am dusting.....

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    There is some minor paint loss around the missing rivets but not much, however there is evidence that the paint has been rubbed there as it is not as textured as the surroundings.

    There is also evidence that a liner has been in it, where the liner band would have sat there is scraping from when it was installed/removed. I've always wondered about a type of field camouflage as I have seen more similar finishes on camo helmets than on factory ones. I should mention that I can see a little bit of what appears to be aluminum oxide texture on the lip of the M42 mixed in with the paint also. Here are a couple of shots on an overcast day!

    Helmet Pics!Helmet Pics!Helmet Pics!Helmet Pics!Helmet Pics!

    Thanks for the kind words on the display case, I figured that the M35 in it needed more protection as the dome has rusted thin at the top! Plus, it was my first ever helmet so it'll always hold a special place in my heart

    I love your wall and I think it is great that you are easily able to handle them and appreciate them close-up! The Detolfs are a nice way to display your lids too, I can't imagine how many of those it would have taken to facilitate your collection!

    Thanks for looking Doug,

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    The first helmet is always special isnt it! I agree and my first helmet I go to my deathbed with. As for this one whats with that patch of red rust in the back and is that paint overtop oxidization there as well?

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    Hi Doug, in hand it appears that the rust has come from underneath the paint. It is a little hard to see in the photos but it's smooth and dark. This rust is also showing through on the bottom skirt where it sits. I'm not sure what to make of it? Any thoughts?

    And yes, my first helmet will be with me till the end I believe!



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    OK more than likely then a field or depot reissued helmet.

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    I like the texture finish myself. Think it looks quite good.

    Good to see more Aussies! I am in perth. I also I like your display case idea. Where did your source the lid from, if you dont mind me asking.

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    Hi VolksJager,

    Thanks for the compliment on the display case! No problems at all, I sourced the lid in this thread from

    I really recommend this site as Bob is a really nice guy and very easy to deal with.

    Cheers mate,


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    I think reissued helmet. it looks similar to my m35 reissued

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    yes ,bob is a great guy ! his site is great as you said you cant go wrong with dealing with him..!

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