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helmet prices

Article about: Its because they belonged to the bad boys and the ss were even badder so price is more, the bad guys items in most collecting fields always seem to be more sought after, well thats my opinio

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    Default helmet prices

    Was just wondering why it is that prices for German helmets is so much higher than say British or American. Any thoughts

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    I can only speak for myself, but I think that having an item from an army which has been destroyed, will always be of significant interest.

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    This question could present both quite simple and complicated answers, I'll keep it simple though and say that German helmets are instantly recognisable, even by people know nothing about militaria, so this may make them a desirable item to many militaria collectors. Another being that many were destroyed following the fall of the fall of the Third Reich and WW2 which makes them considerably harder to find in their original untouched conditions.



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    Try to buy a American helmet with a original 29 division,second division ,ranger, airborne or any other division enblem on it .The prices are crasy.

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    The German helmet is an icon of the 20 th century..apart from the fact the German were way ahead in the quality and style of their uniforms, there is also the fact it is linked with Hitler and the third reich.

    Also the fact that a professional army, was destroyed adds to their desirability. I also think there is a grudging respect for the German army, and the fact their uniforms were different to the drab khaki and olive drab of the allied grandfather once told me the most terrifying thing was being attacked by German soldiers in smart uniforms, with ties on!!!! Compared to the allies their uniforms were generally smart and designed o intimidate.

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    Because DougB owns half of the surviving helmets, which drives the prices us for the rest of us. Doug has the supply, and we have the demand........just messing with ya, Doug

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    WWII German helmets were no longer being made after the first few months of 1945.

    British - and especially American type/style helmets were used by many countries
    after WWII, and it could be that most you see for sale are these post-WWII
    types. The U.S. discontinued use of the M1 helmet in the 1980's.........


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    Also the TR was vanquished and any conections to Nazi Germany were pushed under the carpet over the next few decades,never to be remembered.
    History is never forgotten though.

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    Default Re: helmet prices

    Quote by helmetone View Post
    Because DougB owns half of the surviving helmets, which drives the prices us for the rest of us. Doug has the supply, and we have the demand........just messing with ya, Doug
    LOL. RonR owns most of them actually!

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    Default Re: helmet prices

    I think this is an interesting question as on the one hand the German helmet was very much a symbol of the beaten Nazi regime and was very much sought after as a trophy postwar, whilst the helmets that were worn by the victors were "just helmets" and when the combat ceased they were looked on as another piece of kit to be returned in exchange for some nice new demob suit postwar.Not to mention the exorbitant fine if they were lost.

    Also, as a Brit the Brittish WW2 helmet has no redeeming features, it has a horrible shape, it is not comfortable to wear (even if it fits) and it did not offer much protection either, so I can well understand why these were not kept by their former owners and once handed back these helmets which were all too common were then either melted down or sold on to foreign goverments in exchange for much needed cash.

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