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Is this helmet real?

Article about: The clear pictures of the first helmet is needed ( close ups) The second is definately is a good bunker found piece.

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    A smart dishonest person who knows his way in the German helmet hobby can fabricate a very convincing winter camo.

    The chances that you find a none relic one which gets a 100% score on the forum are very very slim.

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    Yes I see that There are many opinions abou this. But, then agian the 1st helmet offers "lifetime" garentee.
    Do yourself a favor and NEVER base a decision to purchase on the "guarantees" of someone else. In my humble opinion, guarantees as well of COA's are worthless. Who says that the person selling is guaranteed to be around for the rest of your life to make good if an item is bad? A guarantee doesn't suddenly make an item original IF it bad. Original items don't need a modern piece of paper to validate their existence. What does count is that the buyer is well armed with the knowledge of knowing what they are getting. In addition, I would suggest more research on your part Sir. before buying.
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    I would just like to know your input on the newest helmet I have put up.
    As i am a fairly new collector i do have questions. I just cant find any were, that has info on winter camo helmets.

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    The first one i am not sure about.
    The second one i have also seen as an original and would definately buy it if i was after one.The rust could be from perforation of camo paint not being sealed
    Prices available on either at all? (i know its an old thread)

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    Yes, I have purchused the second one. I'm looking forward to getting it in the mail.

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