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Which Helmet Would You Choose?

Article about: Hi guys, I surrended to my impulses to buy a SD Heer Helmet from Dave's site. He has some options and so I decided to post 3 of them to hear some opinions and think it'll be funny. I know al

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    Default Re: Which Helmet Would You Choose?

    Quote by DougB View Post
    I think he has it priced right, at $895 (was $995) but I'll knock another $50 off for you for being a WRF member.
    We need to talk about a previous transaction, LOL

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    Well, for me the decision lays between the M35 and M40. I am not a lover of M42's but that's just me. As mentioned the M35 has lots of character and being named is one of my weaknesses. You can, if look closely see the colors of the National Shield peeking through the overpaint too. The decal is beautiful as is the rest of the helmet. The only issue for me are the runs in the over paint and in time, when you want to or need to resell it, that might not be so easy to do because if that issue. The M40 is also a wonderful helmet, greta liner, great decal too. I think it to may be a reissue. If you look at the eagle decal you can see a portion of the original wing pertruding out from the replaced decal. I love that factor. I would do either one.

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    Default Re: Which Helmet Would You Choose?

    Hi cart,

    I'd buy the named M35 because it's mine and I've consigned it to Dave. (he sells most of my helmet's for me as I don't have time to sell) So I am biased LOL. It came to me as is without the chinstrap and it has a boatload of charachter. I've owned it for about 6 years or so and it's a very nice classic reissue with double decal. I think he has it priced right, at $895 (was $995) but I'll knock another $50 off for you for being a WRF member. The others are nice too but I'm partial to M35's - so I like mine - But then again I am biased... ;-). LOL. Happy hunting!

    Ha,ha. Thanks Doug. Your knowledge and opinions are always very valuable, but this time you have really a bias(LOL). It's very funny to see everybody opinions and arguments. Now we know that the M35 has a noble origin and would be a honor to own a helmet from your collection( One day I'll have a wall like yours). It was my first choice because of the individual character, but I wrote Dave yersterday night intending to buy the M42. How I'm a new collector ( it'll be my second helmet) I think it'll be nice to start with the most classic pieces. Thanks for your kindly offer. And I still have doubt...

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    No worries cart, just thought I would sweeten the deal for you. ;-)
    In any case, whichever you one choose will be the right one for you regardless. I find it interesting how the poor old M40 gets left in the cold, collectors seem to have a real penchant for the M35 or the M42. And its the same for me, I really love the M35 the most of the 3 models and the vast majority of my decaled helmets are M35's. M40's for me and to a degree the M42's must be something unique and special. Otherwise it's the M35s, the earlier the better, and transitionals. I love the formative and evolutionary years. I've been drawn away from the minty helmets to those with more character as well, those that tell a story and are named, or have a real look to them. I decided to thin out my duplicates and I have another M35 reissue like this one, actually it is in worse condition but it is named to Buhler. Seeing how that is my last name, I decided to keep that one and sell this one via Dave LOL.

    Take care, as said, happy hunting!


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    Default Re: Which Helmet Would You Choose?

    I would be keeping the one with my name too, however rough it might be. That is pretty cool Doug

    And I don't think paint runs in a reissue finish would put me off necessarily.

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    I think the paint runs add to the helmet. It shows character being done in the field, by the soldier, and possibly in a hurry. A little more personal than being sent to a factory to be stripped and repainted. Re-issues have grown on me a lot.

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    Personaly, for me it would be a Dougey helmet, the M35 has a lot of character, plus you know 100% where and from what collection it comes and has been thoroughly authenticated , and that for me would be a no brainer (plus if I push it enough, Doug will leave me one of his SS M35s in his will or even send me one just to shut me up), I live in hope and anticipation, Yea go M35 M35 M35 M35 M35 MMMMMMMMM35

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    Default Re: Which Helmet Would You Choose?

    I think I saw the M42 on hold now. Are you buying that one? I kinda want the M35 now lol.

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    I think somebody has today put a couple of well priced KM helmets in the classifieds if anyone is looking to buy

    cough cough

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    Default Re: Which Helmet Would You Choose?

    Would love to support you Andy, but you know what I am trying to pay off now they will sell quickly I think!

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