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Helmets ID

Article about: You will find the size markings generally on the left hand side of the inner skirt just below the chin strap post or with the case of some M42s at the rear skirt

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    Default Helmets ID

    hi I have thes 2 helmets,one is very small nearly fore a child.
    can anyone tell me which models I have ?
    regards michHelmets IDHelmets ID

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    Default Re: Helmets ID

    Hi Mich,
    the top pic is of a 42 Patt german helmet in nice condition, the lower one is a 40 Patt, helmet if the lower one is the smallest you should find a size number on the skirt of the inner rear rim ie something like 54, it would be for a young soldier probably HJ, ect.
    Regrads Dave.

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    Default Re: Helmets ID

    hi Dave,
    it looks like the number 163 ? is stamped into the helmet
    regards mich

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    Default Re: Helmets ID

    Indeed, top shot is an M42, followed by an M40. There should be stampings
    inside on the skirts which will give you the sizes. If very small they will be
    size 62 or 60 - these being the smallest available.


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    Default Re: Helmets ID

    but is it fore kids ? ore did they have sow small heads at that time ?

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    Default Re: Helmets ID

    Quote by mich View Post
    but is it fore kids ? ore did they have sow small heads at that time ?
    Generally yes people had smaller heads on average.

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    Default Re: Helmets ID

    Yes the average head size was smaller. I have seen somewhere that this could be attributed to malnutrition during the chaotic interwar years in Germany, though I am not well versed on nutrition and its relationship with the development of the body.

    These helmets were not made with children in mind.

    As others have said, the helmet with the flared rim is an M42 and the other is an M40. Both I think could be originals. Could you post some more photos of them?


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    Default Re: Helmets ID

    hi I pretty much sure they all are orginals.
    the 42 pat has inside the number stamped looks like 4687.
    and also some photos of others german helmets
    regrads michHelmets IDHelmets IDHelmets IDHelmets IDHelmets IDHelmets IDHelmets ID

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    Default Re: Helmets ID

    That's a nasty knock on that one mate!!! Love to have a damaged one like that on my shelf !!!!

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    Default Re: Helmets ID

    They all look like good helmets, some with a lifespan post war......the white painted one is interesting

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