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*help*German helmet

Article about: Hey guys So Iíve slowed down in looking for helmets but I happened to come across this one at a garage sale sight and I know collectors do not care for these to much in this type of conditio

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    Quote by AndyM35 View Post
    The only thing I see you losing is money!

    About 20 years ago when I first purchased a German helmet I also thought they would dry up (still feel that now sometimes) but what I have learnt is that they aren't really drying up. If anything there are more available due to more being sold on the internet. Sure some of the really nice ones might now be in collections but these helmets also come up for sale often as collectors move them on to buy another helmet ( or due to their wife discovering how many they have....!!!)
    One thing I've noticed, there's a lot more camo and wire helmets on the market than there were 20 years ago. I wonder how that could be.

    In all seriousness, you nailed it about the Internet. Now it is way easier to connect buyer and seller and for those on the hunt to find a bunch of helmets to search among.

    I tend to be an accumulator, but I went through a stage in 2003-2005 where I sold a significant portion of my collection and that included about 5-6 helmets. As Andy pointed out, sometimes collector's tastes change and they sell all of their Heer, or all of their Luftwaffe, or all of their civil helmets etc. to go in a different direction. A friend of mine recently sold off his entire 21 helmet collection.
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