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Help on helmet please

Article about: Hi gang, I have this helmet on the way to me, my parents have just acquired it from the vets family, and it has an unusual painted decal?? any help on this would be great, I will have it in

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    Quote by 85ronnies View Post
    thanks very much Guys for all your reply's and PM's I have just started to remove the paint (very slowly) with cotton bud and......sand coloured paint is coming through
    hells bells it is tedious though lol
    cheers Ronnie
    Hi Ronnie , keep going , it may be a very nice helmet under that black mess!! Leon.
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    the sand coloured paint sounds very interesting ,good luck in your little restoration ronnie

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    Cheers guys I will post a pic when I get some more off and show the progress,
    thanks again

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    Ronnie, Looking forward to your effort. I agree the painted on decal is reminiscent of Italian colors. The Swastika you will note is much too thin to be regulation style. It looks to me like a goofy post war effort as well. I have seen helmets repainted in all kinds of hideous ways. The latest offense I saw at an antique store was a perfectly good late war Luftwaffe M42 with two backwards Swastikas drawn on it with magic marker! Who would do something so stupid? Take care with your effort - can't wait to see the results! NH

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    Thanks Neil it is tedious to say the least hopefully worth it though
    cheers Ronnie

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    Guess we won't be seeing much of Ronnie for the next month or

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Neither will my wife ha ha

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    Nice helmet and good luck with your work. I'm seeing forward for photos like a child do for Christmas!

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    Thanks Sweguy slowly but surley eh ha ha

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    Slowly getting there chaps this has taken 3 and a half hours
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help on helmet please   Help on helmet please  

    Help on helmet please   Help on helmet please  

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