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Help identifying 3 helmets

Article about: by theloop82 Lets let this poor thread die. Then stop replying and it will die a long overdue death. I never have seen a thread on the defense of 3 fake helmets last 5 or 6 pages.... No loud

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    Sorry but the M35 German helmet is clearly messed with, missing rivets and the liner appears post war and from the photos the chinstrap does as well. Just because a guy is "old" or doesnt seem the "type" doesnt mean he didnt aquire something along the way that isnt right. And that camo M35 from your photos also doesnt push the right buttons. Take it outside and take better photos and assume nothing...

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    The man could have messed around with the helmet. Or maybe a son of his painted it. The paint looks the color my Grandfather has. He has had the paint since the 50's. :P The first one looks good though, and the best.

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    I dont mean to say that i believe these are in perfect condition, and thanks for all the information. The M35 seems to have paint over some rough spots so I agree that it probably isnt original, but it does still look really old. I dont think old Tony was in his shop with a rattle can for rustoleum a few weeks ago... Maybe it was painted by him long long ago.

    as for a lot number, there are none to be found. I slid out the liner and couldnt find anything under there either. Should those just come out that easily?

    Thats why im here, like i said, i dont know anything about these things- and its really hard to learn about them when you dont know the names of them to search for.

    Tony was a great old guy, he was a combat engineer, met his wife Martha in Austria during wartime and married her. They moved home and lived happily together on a lake right outside of seattle until Martha died a few years ago and then Tony died a few weeks ago. He was 88, and was active til his dying day... We could all be so lucky! He had all sorts of cool things around his house, for example, i picked up pretty much every Seattle times from 1939 on with an interesting headline, from Hitler invading poland, to D-day, up to the Kennedy assn. and Mt. St. Helens blowing up. Also a bunch of issues of "Yank" that he got in country.

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    Notice that although the m35 has no split pins holding the liner in there are 6 split pins with washers pushed through the vent holes of the liner, there may be dates on the split pins .These might go someway to prove whats happened here. There also appears to be a makers mark on the right inside skirt although un readable from the angle

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    Once you have pulled the liner out look around the metal band that the liner is attached to, where the chin strap post are there may be some markings either side

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    Again, sorry for your loss. Sounds like Tony was a good guy!

    I appologize for not being clearer. As Dave states, the makers mark and lot numbers would be located in the areas I've identified in red on the skirt of the lid.

    Also as Dave states, the split pins (circled in yellow) that hold the liner in place have been removed and this would expain why the liner is easily removable. They were originally placed in the holes on the helmet (2nd photo) and then went through holes in the liner. There appear to be two extras. Could these be for the M34?

    Also, since the liner is removable, there should be markings on the exterior of the metal band (year and maker) under the bales for the chinstrap (circled in green). Photos of these would be helpful as well.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help identifying 3 helmets   Help identifying 3 helmets  

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    I found what i beleive is the makers mark...

    its nearly gone, all i can make out is part of a 5 or a 6, but upon closer inspection in better light i did find this.

    Here is the marking on the band...

    and now as promised, some better pictures of the police helmet

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    2nd pattern Luftwaffe decal on the M35. On the liner band, in the same position under the the bale you should find a date and maker mark. Not sure on the police decal (M34)....Something seems off, but then again I haven't seen enough examples of this decal to come to a conclusion.

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    The second helmet is a model 35 reissue. The split rivits have been poked through the liner leather. I see 2 with the split rivit prongs and washers up and 3 split rivits prongs down. The original helmet would only use 3. I do not have a clue why there are 5 rivits. It is a good helmet. It just needs the rivits reapplied to the inner liner. Have someone do it that knows what they are doing.

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    The party and police decals are applied overtop paint damage. The party shield appears to be an inkjet reproduction, if you look the swaz and the red circle around the swz appears to have the tell tale zig-zag print. The police decal I believe to be a fake as well. So this one didnt come from the great WW2 it appears I am afraid.

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