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Help identifying 3 helmets

Article about: by theloop82 Lets let this poor thread die. Then stop replying and it will die a long overdue death. I never have seen a thread on the defense of 3 fake helmets last 5 or 6 pages.... No loud

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    Default Re: Help identifying 3 helmets

    Quote by yuengling325 View Post
    You're right, Nuno...Italian M33...the chin strap should have given it away for me. I believe however that is an M35 judging by the air vent. Appears to be a seperate piece..
    I was right about the italian m933, and wrong about the german one. it was not a m40 but an m35.
    You win some and you lose some.

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    on the second helmet ,the m35 he appears to have stuck 5 liner rivets thru the leather liner, 3 are most probably from the m35 , sorry just noticed its already been mentioned i need to read all the posts in future,,rgds Dave

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    Default Re: Help identifying 3 helmets

    Yeah don't like the Police Helmet decals and the M35 is most defiantely a repaint possibly over a repro decal.Never seen the black lines of a swasey come through the paint like that Also the Helmet should not be black but painted over blue grey (Luftwaffe colour) that should be still inside the crown and under the liner band area.The Germans were not that thourough with cammo and never even painted the skirt in most cases but somtimes hand painted the inside for effect

    I would like to see the other liner band stamp with date but looks to be a real one and whats probably an enhanced M35 Helmet as far as cammo goes but WWII shell.Love the Italian lid by the way (is it for sale?)


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    Default Re: Help identifying 3 helmets

    Wow, I can't believe I was correct on the decals. I of course would like to say I wasn't for theloop's sake, but this is the first time I was able to look at a decal and actually see what the issues were.

    To point out what everyone is talkig about, and the concerns I had, below are the identified issues (this is for my sake too as I'm still learning).

    On the party decal, I see what you are saying Doug. You can see evidence of where the ink bled in the areas I've highlighted in yellow.

    Help identifying 3 helmets

    On the police decal, my first concern was tthe swas did not fill the wreath completely. In all examples I've looked at it did. Then looking at some repro decals online, I was able to find quite a few simlar to the decal in this thread. In addition, there are clearly issues with the overall details in the decal which I have identified in yellow. The width of the wing feathers are inconsistent and the wreath details are off, just to point out a few issues.

    Help identifying 3 helmets

    Am I correct in my assumptions?

    Loop, since you obtained the helmets at no cost, at least you are not out any money. There are collectors or reenactors who may purchase these however you need to be completely upfront that they are not authentic. In a sale scenario, you of course will not recieve anywhere near their value were they authentic, espcially with the M34 as these are pretty common, the condition issues and they are not as valuable as the M35 might be.

    In the case of the M35, the shell and liner band appear to be authentic (better photos of the lot and maker marks are needed to confirm), however obviously there have been some modifications.

    Or maybe this whole process has given you the collecting bug and you will hold onto everything as they do look good on display, even if not authentic.

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    Default Re: Help identifying 3 helmets

    The police decal has much wrong with it that I can see and the party shield is not so much ink bleed but just how an inkjet printer outputs. Here is a closeup of a fake SS decal from an inkjet printer. This is digitally magnified to 400x. When you see this on a decal you know you have an inkjet fake like this party shield.

    The camo is definitly a fake and with the Italian helmet I am not too sure about the paint on that one either to be honest, just looking at the photos.

    The whole story that these were vet bringbacks is pretty obviously not the case as I suspected.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help identifying 3 helmets  

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    Default Re: Help identifying 3 helmets

    I trust your guys judgement but i really doubt that these decals were printed on an inkjet. For one, i remember seeing these helmets when i was a child and i definatley remembered the one with the emblems on them. At that time (late 80's) inkjet printers were hardly in most houses. If one were to fake this kind of helmet, why would one make it the most common set of emblems (civil service) and not something more rare? again, Im sure you have your reasons for saying its not genuine, but I would definatley get a professional opinion before I sold it off for 20 bucks at a garage sale.

    Thanks for the opinion though, its something i will look into more.

    The Italian helmet is for sale. PM me an offer.

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    Default Re: Help identifying 3 helmets

    Quote by theloop82 View Post
    again, Im sure you have your reasons for saying its not genuine, but I would definatley get a professional opinion before I sold it off for 20 bucks at a garage sale.
    Doug Buhler IS a professional. Beware of collector's denial.

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    Default Re: Help identifying 3 helmets

    Ah so here we go, this was all a for sale thread as I thought trying to unload your helmets on forum members with the classic "relative brought them back and just died" story.

    Sorry but I dont believe everything I read on the internet and the "I dont know what I have but I want to sell it" is fake speak for "I have a load of crap here I want some sucker to buy" and is second only to the "golly gee whiz my uncle who fought in the great world war 2 and brought these gems back and I played with them as a kid and the poor guy died so I can get some sympathy votes to remain on the island" story in faker popularity.

    Sorry theloop82 with 15 posts and at least 2 fake helmets, but you are here to pawn crap off and thats the bottom line. You showed up here and posted blurry photos and have consistently denied the observations members gave to you but remember, you asked....

    Those are not "common" civil service decals but police decals which are applied overtop rust and paint damage. Stike one. (funny how suddenly you know thats a civic helmet when in post 1 you said you didnt even know they were German)
    The party decal clearly shows evidence of an early inkjet or similar type, of print, incorrect construction and an application tear typical of thinly produced 80's fakes. Strike two.
    The police decal is not real. Check out that goofy grin on the eagle for starters. Wandered over and checked all of my 9 mint police decal examples and the GHW fake and real police references. Gong... Strike three.
    Camo on the messed with M35 is fake from 1000 miles away. Strike Four.

    So, your uncle "your sure" brought these "I dont know if they are German" helmets home from his tour of duty. Maybe he is a figment of your overactive imagination.

    And please go to Gunboards where other "professionals" reside, you will get more buy-in to the dead uncle story there.

    --Normally I leave rants like that to Frank but he is sleeping now, its what, about 2 AM in Europe...

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    Default Re: Help identifying 3 helmets

    WOW. Ok, take it easy, i didnt mean to threaten your manhood or anything. I just want to make sure im not walking into a "this guy doesnt know what the hell he has and hes hard-up, lets tell him its all crap and buy it for pennies on the dollar."

    I didn't know that Canadians could get so worked up, jeez.

    Sorry if i wasn't a member of a forum that i had no interest in the subject of until I inherited a bunch of stuff that I didn't even know the name of.

    Forgive me for not taking every post from someone who i dont know from Adam as the gospel.

    As for now knowing its a civic helmet, thats thanks to you fine people. I then typed that information into a thing we have in the states called "Google" and found out that it is the most common of the dual logo helmets. The SS helmets seem to be the ones ive seen the most FAKE posts about so I naturally wondered why Tony would bother to mail order fake logos and patina them to match the rest of the helmet in what seems like a pretty flawless fashion. Im just taking what you guys tell me and trying to learn what i can from other sites. Too bad i didnt spring out of my mothers woumb with an inherent knowledge of 1930-45 german military accoutrements.

    Nice flame though! I havent gotten the red-ass like that since the old F-body fourm.

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    Default Re: Help identifying 3 helmets

    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    Doug Buhler IS a professional. Beware of collector's denial.
    I am not a professional just a passionate collector who likes to spend his life savings on German helmets. I can, will and have made mistakes and not afraid to admit them, and normally loopsters like loop who show up dont make much of a dent in my day to day life.

    However I get PO'd when ignorance is feigned and guys use our collector passion to make a quick buck with thier messed with garbage as loopy is.

    It is guys like him that kill the hobby for new collectors and feed misinformation and doubt amongst learning collectors who more often than not buy the story and not the helmet.

    Hence my little rant above, you can smell the BS from here.

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