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Hitler youth Helmet? Origonal?

Article about: Hello, I have a Hitler youth helmet. I don't know if it is an original or what? here are some pictures if I can get them to work. Its got numbers on the rear brim "3232"

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    Default Hitler youth Helmet? Origonal?

    Hello, I have a Hitler youth helmet. I don't know if it is an original or what? here are some pictures if I can get them to work. Its got numbers on the rear brim "3232"

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    Circuit advertisement Hitler youth Helmet? Origonal?
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    Hello Aaron welcome to the forum..... Not my field of study..but from what I have learned.on helmets in general...there may be issues with the paint ..and the decals. Hang around..the helmet guys will be along shortly. Regards Larry
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    For me the HJ helmet have one HJ badge...the chinstrap is not original.
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    The police eagle decal may be ok but the totenkopf is a 1970's fake.
    Not sure about the paint shade but see what others think. If bad then the other decal is bad as well.

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    I don't know who put the chinstrap on this one, but it doesn't even look like a German chinstrap, with that big odd buckle. I wonder what it was really from? And, as said, the skull decal is certainly not good....

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    Looking at the colour of the liner could this be a Norwegian re-issue with post war applied decals.

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    Both decals are bad, the paint is post War, and the chin strap is bad. The shell is an original M35, and the liner is original, but it is a steel banded liner from 1940 or beyond, and therefore is not original to the shell. All in all, not of much value to a collector. You could rework it for a reenactor, or part it out. The liner may fetch $50 to $100 itself because it is damaged. The pins and washers, if original, have some value, and the shell, even though the paint is bad, also has some value. The piece as is is really not very appealing. Sorry, Jim G.
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    Nothing to be sorry about. I was just curious to see what it was I had if anything. Thank you all for you're help.

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    Some country rework of probably original German helmet should be a Manf like Q, SE NS ET on side skirt and a lot number in the back the decal with the Totenkopf is a old 70's fake been around for years. timothy

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    Hi ,I agree with all that's been written ,this is unfortunately a messed with helmet. Leon.
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