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How to remove paint from a decal

Article about: Don't attempt anything would be my advice. You may make it worse than it is.

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    Default Re: How to remove paint from a decal

    Looking at the tri color a little closer would you gentlemen agree that only the white paint has been overpainted.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: How to remove paint from a decal

    I have stripped several ex Norge re-issue German helmets for re-enactor friends in the past. I always felt a bit sick afterwards if a decal did emerge. They always got damaged no matter how careful I was.

    In hand you will tell better, but so far it is the white areas which look overpainted.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: How to remove paint from a decal

    Point taken Adrian I have never stripped a helmet of it's paint and the thought of it makes me very nervous indeed.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: How to remove paint from a decal

    I stripped a post-war black painted SD Heer M40 once. I pretty much destroyed the decal in the process, due to my amateur approach to it. I have never forgiven myself for it.

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    Default Re: How to remove paint from a decal

    Mo I am positive I would feel the same way about it myself I just cringe at the thought of it.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: How to remove paint from a decal

    If I can just butt in here?
    I've successfully removed paint from national sheilds on quite a few helmets. I used this method ONLY this morning to remove paint from painted data-plates on that generator I'm restoring. You will need an old wollen jumper/whatever...and Brasso. Any of the "old empire" countries will recognise the trade-name "Brasso"....but some of out colonial cousins might not. It's a very old-fashioned Brass cleaner....and ever so slightly abrasive. To remove paint from decals you'll need the wool, the brasso....a finger....and a good supply of patience. stretch the wool over your finger-tip...wet thewool with the brasso and start "polishing" the decal in a small circular motion. DO NOT get tempted to speed things up by pressing really hard!
    The plates I did this morning I was VERY worried about as remakes of them can NOT be found, but..........they've come up VERY nicely indeed without damaging the underlaying original paint.

    For what it's worth
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    Default Re: How to remove paint from a decal

    I do thank you for your imput and advice and I would be most intrested in seeing some of your restoration work on the generator data plates and I am shur we would all like to see the restoration work you have done on helmet tricolor national shields if you would be so kind as to post some photos (Before and after restoration) if possible that would be wonderfull.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: How to remove paint from a decal

    Davies435 is probably right that this would be the best method to use Mark, I have had success with it myself in the past, but as he says it does require a lot of patience, but it allows control. Brasso is made up of a very fine sand in an alcohol suspension and is as fine a method to use. BTW, it is also excellent for removing scratches from glass/crystal watch faces.

    Regards, Ned.
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    Thank you gentlemen I have used brasso many times for polishing brassbuttons,capbadges,and buckles, the only down side I did find and have observed with extended use is that it starts to< for the lack of a better word >soften the appearence of the item it has been used on I have seen many a WWII and post war cap badge ruined this way .But I beleive that you both may be right and I wll try it on a Canadian Air Warden helmet that I own to see how it works to remove some unwanted paint from the writing thank you for the tip.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: How to remove paint from a decal

    I haven't seen BRASSO in a long time here in the states, but I remember it, just haven't seen it in my area in awhile, thanks for the tip though.

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