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I'd like opinions on this M40 Camo Helmet...

Article about: I'd like to get some thoughts on this camo helmet found in a recently deceased US veteran's footlocker. I never trust 100% that just because an item is in a footlocker it's legit, so I'd lik

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    Here are some more photos. Hopefully these will help. Although they're not as focused as I'd like, I think they'll do the job. I uploaded them in large format so click them to enlarge...

    I'd like opinions on this M40 Camo Helmet...I'd like opinions on this M40 Camo Helmet...I'd like opinions on this M40 Camo Helmet...I'd like opinions on this M40 Camo Helmet...I'd like opinions on this M40 Camo Helmet...


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    Any further thoughts based on the additional photos I posted showing the pins and close shots of the paint?

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    I think it checks out fine.

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    I have a good feeling when I look at this lid, which is a very good thing for you I like the thick paint and hasty brush strokes, along with the way the paint is in situ around the liner pins. I like this "splotch" pattern of camo, I think it's common among eastern front camo items.

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    I feel this one is looking to be a very good cammo and of an unusual colour scheme at that. I would be happy to have this one on the shelf. Leon.
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    Not much I can ad to this I think the helmet boys have spoken I avoided cammo's in the years unless I know where they came from such as this one in your opening Post I like it and I think it has everything you would want to see in a original cammo helmet. Nice find BTW. timothy

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    First time I have been able to view the new pics and am somewhat concerned if the pins are even a tad loose which on combat helmets they tend to be, as there is no discernible paint wear around and under the pins.

    It's not the kiss of death but it's a red flag for my personal collecting tastes that an in hand or a good 25 or more clear closeup macro photos detailing the entire exterior and interior of the helmet to get a better sense of it, would confirm or deny.

    I am intrigued by the veteran bring back history as that is the provenance behind the helmet. Any more information on that? Did you buy it directly or was the the "story"?


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    Real combat wear and patina are evident throughout this helmet. Getting fixated on the pins isn't necessarily the be all and end all as they show commensurate wear as the rest and being slightly protrusive and softer metal look to have taken a bonk or two and assuming they were a tight fit needn't show hardly anything under them.

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    Thanks for all the great feedback guys. I really appreciate it! I went ahead and pulled the trigger on it so I expect delivery sometime next week.

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    Did the seller give you an inspection period and return option? If not, get one and all pertinent info regarding vet provenance/contact info.

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