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I'm new and confused

Article about: Franz1944 ... Thanks and I also like the late war stocks. Some look like they just got cut off an old tree and you could get slivers for the first ### rounds. My father told me about the end

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    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    You have what looks like a nice complete original army M42. This is a late war model. What is the factory code and lot number? Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, on the inside on the helmet there will be a factory code/size stamp in the metal. This one looks like it could say something along the lines of HKP64, CKL66, or ET66, etc. There will also be a lot number. This is just a serial number and will most likely have no letter prefix.
    Well it seems that Herr Engelt or M:A: Engelt as written on the leather wrote 'Engelt' over a partial #
    The leather does have what looks like the # 65 on it.
    The rear of the helmet has the #2592 so I assume that is the serial number but above it all I can make out looks like kI32 maybe RI 32. Best i got until I get a good magnifying glass.

    For what it's worth there was a emblem on the LEFT side, the inside is a very dark green and the outer shell has what looks to me as a sand colored cammo job.
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    It's most likely ckl62. That makes it a smaller helmet made by Eisenhutten-Thale. The lot number puts it at very early 1943.

    There should be a 'c' in front of the 'kl', but it was probably just not stamped very well. You have a very nice helmet!

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    Great info. The 'c' if still visible would be under, or partially were the name was painted on.
    The kl62 I can see.

    So you are saying I did good by not taking the $400.00 offer for helmet, hj knife and "thinking", OH ya the bayonet.

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    You could get at least $600 for the helmet alone. The collector in me says that you shouldn't sell them at all. There is a possibility that the name in the helmet can be researched.

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    Did very good not doing that. The guys trying to rip you off.

    If you get collector bug and buy something. your hooked. IT is VERY addicting hobby to collect.

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    I hope you don't feel a need to sell. Your helmet is a very nice original collector's piece as one would expect to find. Unmessed with. I can't make out the decal very well, but it has me interested. I hope you can get a good sharp photo of the decal alone without any reflection. Try natural light with no flash at macro (Flower as Doug pointed out).

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Rudolf as Doug (SSTK) before me pointed out , better pictures and especially a good decal close-up is a must if you want to have a decent evaluation of your helmet.

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    I'll see if I can get better pictures after work today .

    Many thanks, Rudy

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    Not sure if there will help but it would be nice.

    One has some #'s you can see and the name Engelt on lid and the other you can see the Engelt name on the leather.

    The other is were the emblem was and a good shot (for me) of the helmet.

    Kicking in a few pix of other stuf FWIW.

    Happy/healthy New YearI'm new and confusedI'm new and confusedI'm new and confusedI'm new and confusedI'm new and confusedI'm new and confused

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    Nice, like the luger and love mid-late war K98.

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