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I'm new and confused

Article about: Franz1944 ... Thanks and I also like the late war stocks. Some look like they just got cut off an old tree and you could get slivers for the first ### rounds. My father told me about the end

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    Red face I'm new and confused

    Well I've been looking around for a while and found that this site may be were I need to be. Looks like a ton of information can be found here.

    The confused part is that I could not find a general forum to introduce myself.
    I'm sure if this is the wrong place a mod can move it.

    So here's what I got ... about me.
    Born in 1953 outside of Munich. Came to America in 1959/60 (only a few weeks before the Christmas).
    Served in the Army in armor recon for 3 years.
    My father left home at around 13 and joined the Merchant Marines. The ship was later assigned to carry munitions from Norway. The war was on and he ended up in it.

    There is much more, but enough for now.

    I have NOT been a collector but have had many things acquired thru time simply because some think you are from then and there you should be interested. I was and am interested in the history part, just never a collector.
    Well that's what I thought until I had a friend over (last seen 30+ years ago) and he just came from a show and bought a dagger.
    We talked and I showed.

    This my friends (I'm takin' a liberty here) is were you come in. I have a few items that I can not find and a few that I can. I was thinking about selling all but after looking I may have a collectors bug. OH ya, the economy also ... go figure.

    I'll get pictures but a few items I'm having problems with are a looks like bugle flag for the 31 st Infantry Regiment and another that may be more easy to find, 2 HJ knives, a sword, a helmet with liner (name on both) and so on.

    I guess that is it until I take the pictures in the next day or two.

    Hope I did this correctly.

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    Circuit advertisement I'm new and confused
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    Advertising world

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    Default Re: I'm new and confused

    You did fine. welcome to the forum!

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    Default Re: I'm new and confused

    Welcome to the forum, I can't wait to see this helmet of yours. Post it ASAP!

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    Default Re: I'm new and confused

    Welcome to the forum Rudolf, i think you will enjoy the members, they are a friendly and very knowledgable group and can help in almost every enquiry, post them pictures asap , we,d like to see them. Cheers dave

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    Default Re: I'm new and confused

    Well I figured I can get in here one way or another.
    Thank's for the hello and I will get some pictures up ASAP. May be a day or two ... new Windows 7 or whatever their up to now won't work with some older stuff I have.

    Here's the real dumb question ... for each piece I have or want to show, do I need to go to that forum?

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    Default Re: I'm new and confused

    Welcome to the forum.
    If you want to show all your items at one time just go to collections forum or put them in each forum different forum.

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    Default Re: I'm new and confused

    Welcome, looking forward to seeing the pics!
    As chris said, unless you want each item shown separately, just post it in the collections forum.

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    Default Re: I'm new and confused

    Welcome to the forum.. ERIC

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    Default Re: I'm new and confused

    I'm new and confusedI'm new and confusedI'm new and confusedI'm new and confusedI'm new and confusedI just did a few fast pictures. I really suck at photography so ...

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    Default Re: I'm new and confused

    Very nice lid you have.

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