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It's ID

Article about: My Xmas present from a friend who sadly passed away before I could ask him anything about the helmet.What is it,where did he get it originally from France,Russia...? It's quite heav

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    My Xmas present from a friend who sadly passed away before I could ask him anything about the helmet.What is it,where did he get it originally from France,Russia...?
    It's quite heavy,very rusty,someone scratched some rust away and metal is thin on some places.
    I'd like to keep as it is,a relic,is there anything I should do ?
    Thank you for info,
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    Nothing needs to be done at all. Kept inside a modern heated home it will be fine.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hard to tell from the picture,definetely German could be M35,M40 or maybe
    M42, i would need close up of the rim.
    As to where came from, who knows the Nazi's did tend to spread themselves out quite a bit, a lot of these are being sourced in Russia/Lithuiania as present though!!
    A lot of advice is available regarding restoration of these relic's, but i will refrain from commenting about this, as i would not want to give the wrong advice.

    Hope this is of help!


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    Hello and thank you both again for advice.
    Gaz,what do you need to know to put a date on this helmet.
    The rim is not rolled.

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    Hi Patrick, if the air vent is a separate inserted bushing, it is an M35.

    If the vent is an integral pressing as part of the helmet, it is an M40.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    If the rim is not rolled, doesn't that make it an M42?

    Just asking.


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    Hi Pat, yes, if the rim is not rolled under, it is an M42. Air vent as per an M40.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    what you have is an m42 if the rim is not rolled. this model of helmet was ran in production from late 1942-1945. the germans made this modification to the stahlhelm on july 6th, 1942 as an economic measure. the sharp edge made it a bit more of a hazard to the soldiers though. gaz is correct, there are a lot of relic helmets being dug up all over the eastern front. yes its possible that it could be ftom elsewhere but they are much more difficult to find in other places. some places where helmets are commonly found are narwa, in estonia, kurland, in latvia, and stalingrad, in southern russia. all 3 were sites of major battles or encirclements. when the germans were captured in these encirclements, they left behind all sorts of equipment, especially helmets and other things that were only necessary for combat. relic helmets dont have much monetary value but they are neat to have because there is never any doubt that its original. from the looks of your helmet, it seems that the liner is probably missing and you probably cant make out any stampings, marks, or decals. if you can, let us know and either i or the dozens of other people here can help you out more.


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    Thank you Mo for a very plausible answer as to where the helmet might come from and for putting a date on the M .
    Yes,there are no markings visible,no liner,no paint or decals but it is still quite solid.

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    Patrick sorry about your friends passing.

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