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Ken Niewiarowicz Germany's combat helmet's

Article about: Hi all! I am sure most of if not all German helmet enthusiasts on here have heard of ken who runs the site I have been visiting his site for years drool

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    Baer's is the same size

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    Quote by AMTG View Post
    I heard there are a few questionable lids in the book....I didn't buy itmasma reference piece, it's hardly a mine of information, but it does have pretty pics to leaf through in a quiet moment
    The Radovic book is a book on what to look for in a fake helmet. Kellys book is what to look for in a real helmet.

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    I am the chosen one indeed. It was Todd that snagged it for me though, I was oblivious He sent me a pm to say it was on the site, I then emailed Ken who told me it had sold. I sent Todd a sad faced PM in reply to tell him the news and he was all 'yeah, it sold; to me'...... Took me a while to register what was happening

    One thing that struck me when it arrived, it's a lot smaller than I imagined! I am pleased it's the same size as SS Steel though as they look neat on the shelf. I think Baer is a lot bigger isn't it? That's the one that I still need.
    You got my First Edition SS Steel book I think, eh Andy? The Baer book is the same size.

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    Quote by Lenny Warren View Post
    I've been out of helmets for a few years, and collecting in general. Didn't realise Kelly had done an updated edition of SS Steel? I've checked my edition and it's 2004, many changes?
    Updated decal information and many pages of new helmets and I am in the credits in the new section now which of course is the most important update if you ask me LOL. Seriously was glad to be a small contributing part of the new project.

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    Quote by AMTG View Post
    I don't have the earlier edition to compare to, it has info on the element composition of the decals using a scientific method, using x ray based technology, but that would be way out of the reach of most collectors
    If I may be so bold to say it was very compelling and interesting research but was not a stand alone method of authenticating decals from my experience. Kelly was kind enough to involve me in the initial research but honestly from my perspective it does not replace hard won experience, photo and information databasing and magnification using 20x or USB digital loupes. When serious collectors like the SS helmet collecting community come together with studied research professionals like Kelly and share information we can further the evolving study of these helmets and decals, we can defeat those who use fakes to pick collector pockets clean. Serious collector and historical study using shared acquired knowledge, like we see on this forum and GHW2 for example, is far more powerful and can always be sourced.

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    You know I rushed out and bought all 3 volumes of Radovic books, I was not to impressed as it is all photo's and I wondered about some of them there are way to many cammo shown, I just don't believe there are that many cammo's out there that are not made up. Due to never seeing a lot of them for sale 35 40 years ago now they are all over. I am sure there are good ones in there but there are a lot that just quite don't set right these cammo's have became so popular I can't help believe they aren't faked a lot. I always tried to stay away from them unless I knew where they came from. Kelly's book is SS and I avoid them I have read his book and it is good if you are into SS helments I just am not I purchased and had too many bad ones even as far back as 1976 when gun shows and dealer catalogs were all we had. I stick with no brainer Army and Luft common helments timothy

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    Thanks Seadm
    Thanks to Fred Green
    And Cheers John K from!
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