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Article about: It would be nice to have a KM, but I don't want to pay a lot of money for one. I saw this one on Ebay before it was yanked off. Thanks again for the comments.

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    Default KM?

    I'm not confident on the differences between KM and toned heer decals. Is this decal a real KM? The Helmet is an NS.
    Thanks muchly for your help!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture KM?  

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    Default Re: KM?

    Hard to say from that pic, I don't think so though. There seems to be 'gold' tone on the black areas too, which makes me think it's just lacquer. Outdoor pics with no flash would help to say whether it is real, and pics of the whole helmet.

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    Default Re: KM?


    Can we please see more pics of the lid, and the inside please...
    We also need a better pic of the decal as well. different angles..
    So far it looks like a possible KM to me..

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    Default Re: KM?

    Yes better pics are needed, preferably close up macro in natural light. It looks very gold but it could go either way.

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    Default Re: KM?

    I'm having some doubts about this decal, is it a real one, the reason I ask is the damage and the relation of odd little pieces that dont seem to match up position wise, look at the small piece just above the leg of the swastika, it bears no relation to its surroundings and is at a wrong angle, also the wing on the right, it looks like the decal has been pushed inwards, surely this could only happen on application and im almost sure that had this happened then it would have been removed and another applied, you could get away with a small displacement but not like that, also a soldiers pride would also feature in the need to re-apply another

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    Default Re: KM?

    Here's some photos the seller sent me. It's advertised as a KM.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture KM?   KM?  

    KM?   KM?  

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    Default Re: KM?


    I seems to have a hook to hang the helmet..
    That seems to be added on later (where are the scratches) where it rubs on the lid??
    The head band looks.. I dont know.. I see the rear pin looks to be from lid a bit (maybe changed)??
    how do the fingers look, is there any markings on botton of head band??
    And the pics are not complete (whole helmet shots) like hes hiding something..
    And if he really wants to sell the lid, he would/should get you better pics..
    There could be stuff hes hiding possibly... ask for detailed close up pics of
    every bit of the helmet.. especaly the decal (straight on), the liner, liner date,
    different angles of the helmet, the hook areas as well..
    To me the whole lid looks laqured to me for sure, more detailed pics are needed
    to be for sure...

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    Default Re: KM?

    What is the helmet maker??

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    Default Re: KM?

    From the photo, it looks like NS. The liner pins look loose, so I asked if it was replaced and did not get an answer. So I think I'm going to pass on this one. Thanks for all the comments.

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    Default Re: KM?


    Are you looking for a KM helmet speficialy??
    And you are correct, it is a NS..

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