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Large helmet collection for auction

Article about: The Dr. Scilla Collection Czerny International Auction House Ltd. Apologies if duplicate thread! Militaria the Dr. Scilla Collection

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    My point exactly, Neil. The few obviously Original pieces that I could see scanning through the garbage had Big estimates on them. 100 Euros for genuine helmets estimate? Nonsense. And whoever this "Dr Scilla" was/is, he would have had to have had one of the most insanely rare collections in the world, whether museum or private owned, if all these pieces were even remotely genuine. But, in any case, it should be interesting to Watch how they sell/rob people.
    No insult to our Italian members, but I've never had a Lot of faith in many Italian dealers.

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    Auction estimates are notorioulsy low, marketing ploy to get people excited about bidding. I bet when the dust settles most all will go for nearly 10 times their low estimate in 90% of the cases, the uniforms excepted as these seem to have more market aligned opening estimates. Frankly though I'd say these prices are more reslistic thatn the dealer market. TR has always defied the law of market economics IMO. With very few exceptions these things are not even close to scarce, the more there are the more they cost it seams to me. There are a good number of lids listed here, but no more or less thatn about 2 dozen dealers lists out there.

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    Fakes of everything abound , no doubt some may be good but how do you sort the wheat from the chaff amonst this lot !!
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    Quote by asterperious View Post
    I bet when the dust settles most all will go for nearly 10 times their low estimate in 90% of the cases, the TR has always defied the law of market economics IMO.
    Anything that polarises opinion gets a LOT of interest from collectors. Take the Hindenburg for example - most have forgotten the R101, the Shenandoah or the other airship disasters but because of the "brewing storm clouds" and Hitlers "pride & Joy" and the rumors surrounding it, ask the average punter and that's the ONLY airship they know!

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    Im sorry for reviving this thread but a Spanish seller is now starting to sell more of these fake dr scilla helmets. Its happening on the ww2 auction on catawiki. The last helmet he was auctioning was one that was discussed before. The ss oberbayern helmet. A messed with m17 helmet that has a fake metal totenkopf and 1933 pattern eagle on it. There are pictures of the helmet here on the site. Very odd that someone is able to sell these messed with helmets at high prices on a decent auction site with the 'expert' not knowing that they are fake. Some expert if you ask me.


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