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Late War Helmets

Article about: An odd looking Luftschutz helmet, maybe an 'economy gladiator'. Maker's mark looks like Thale.

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    Default Late War Helmets

    Click image for larger version. 

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    An odd looking Luftschutz helmet, maybe an 'economy gladiator'. Maker's mark looks like Thale.

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    Funky looking lid.

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    never ever seen them in pics either.

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    Tin trilby.

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    That's a new one for me Brian - sort of like a 'military man's bowler hat' ...... for a toff maybe?

    I like it!
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    That is most unusual , looks like it could have been "Winston's" tin lid if it were not for the country of origin! Leon.
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    Yes, I would say somewhat fashionable for Luftschutz duties! Much more I would say than the standard Gladiator Luftschutz bucket.
    No RL number on this one, as are found on most Gladators.
    It was billed as an Austrian Luftschutz helmet and did ship from Austria.
    The liner is strange as well. Made from what appears to be an inner band taken from a standard combat liner, but with the steel ribbons cut short and mounted to the sides of the helmet. Standard combat grade felt strip, aluminum liner brads, and tie string.
    No evidence of any Luftschutz decal. I wonder where I could find information about the Austrian Luftschutz?

    The rim is noticeably different than the commonly known Austrian flat rim gladiatorClick image for larger version. 

Name:	1859-6110-1-W.jpg 
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Name:	1859-6110-2-W.jpg 
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    A first for me too, a most interesting, and uncommon version indeed.


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    M38 is online now


    Just playing the devils advocate here, can we be sure this is para military (ie Luftschutz, Police, etc) and not something else altogether, like civilian fireman or coal miner or construction? Just asking, not suggesting.......


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    I'm going by its similarities to other TR para military helmets; double 7-hole vents, gladiator styling. The paint/liner is also consistent.
    Thale was a producer of combat and para military helmets, but I don't know if they produced strictly civilian headgear.

    As for the alternative examples you mentioned:

    Civilian fire service: I thought during the TR era, most civilian services were basically para military in nature (viz: the civilian postal and rail service, Red Cross, HJ, Fire Service, etc...) and used para military helmets (or even combat helmets) when applicable.

    German construction crews: Org. Todt, DAF-German labor Front and TENO were paramilitary organizations.

    German coal miner: made out of non-conductive material to reduce sparking/fire hazard. These resemble a leather baseball cap.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	german coal miners hat.jpg 
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